Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance

So for the past two months I’ve been stuck within the tedious and grinding and painful first phase of the developmental process for my next book (while I can’t say the first phase is my favorite phase of the entire book development process — to me the entire process of developing a book is tedious and grinding and painful — I can at least say it is the least tedious and grinding and painful of them all) when it recently suddenly dawned upon me that I am not yet ready to let go of the last book I that tediously and grindingly and painfully developed…

Which of course is The Good Kill, thank you very much.

At first I tried to fight through the desire to not let it go but it wasn’t working…

Nothing was getting done.

So yesterday I finally gave up and decided to shelve the new book for now and return to the last.

I am now happily engaged in a developmental writing process that I despise not nearly as much as that of books.

And that would be script writing.

To me script development is a breeze compared to novel development.

It’s like the difference between developing a zippity snap 17-syllable haiku versus a slow death march trudge of a 400-page tome.

I am not, however, saying it’s a piece of cake to write a screenplay, especially a good one (and the same can be said of haiku)…

I’m just saying the overall process is, to me, much less tedious and grinding and painful.

Much, much less.


Long story short…

I’m happily… well, at least a lot less grouchily… working on translating the car chase scene in the novel into screenplay-ese, the scene where our two kickass heroines (as opposed to ass kicking heroin, which also has a sad majorly role in the story) are attempting to outrun the corrupt corporate moguls’ two skilled and determined and very large hired thugs.

Of course when writing, be it a novel or a screenplay, a soundtrack invariably starts coming together in my mind throughout the process.

And in this scene the song that immediately stuck to it was “Run to the Hills” by the mighty and everlasting heavy metal group Iron Maiden.

The song is a classic, of course; but I can’t say that I know what it’s really about because, as is the case with most songs I listen to, even the songs I favor most, I don’t know most of the lyrics…

Except for the song’s chorus (or is it the refrain? or the bridge? I always get them confused) and partial namesake…

Run to the hills… run for your life…

It’s probably not the best song for the scene and I doubt if the movie were ever to be made it would be chosen for it, but it’s the one that sticks like Gorilla Glue to it in my mind.

And it’s one in which I happily share with you on this pleasant and peaceful (at least in my neck of the woods — I hope yours too!) Sunday.

Rock on, yo! 🤘🤘

Write on, too! 🤘🤘

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