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    by Priyanki

    If the clouds could come & give me a ride
    I would sit on them & sway away in delight
    And ask them to take me in their cozy coat
    Covering me all in the softness galore
    Ask them to take me in the world up away
    High up in the clouds where they say fairies stay.
    As I reach there, I will learn a few skills to tap & whoosh & fulfill some wish
    Wishes of all those who are in need.
    Those wishes of cute eyes of kids crying for help.
    The ones who are lost in war, with no one to help.
    Those unanswered prayers of people with disease, the ones suffering & asking for relief.
    Those hard to be fulfilled wishes & prayers with which are linked the needy’s care.
    Wishes of such kind seems impossible in today’s time. There is so much going around in those with dirty minds,
    Those who cause chaos & all the mess.
    & are killing ruthlessly & causing much stress
    I may sound kiddish to dream of fairyland & bring glitters of kindness with me in my hand
    However it may sound, but I don’t mind
    As long as I wish to bring some good in Mankind.
    Often I wonder where does the “kind” go from man.
    Maybe I’m thinking too much, what can I do, I’m a woman.
    I was born to think,
    That’s what many say.
    Woman think a lot
    They are made that way, and I think again, “Thank God that I think.”
    It’s my thinking that makes me ponder, to be a better being.
    Everyday I think & try to reach my soul.
    today my thinking wants to take a tour
    In the world of clouds, where they say Angels live.
    With a hope to bring in my palm, some glitters of bliss
    So I have few powers to whoosh away the pain
    That causes chaos often unexplained.


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  3. A Place of Meaning
    by Brenda Baker

    All we want
    is our own place.
    A place to call home.
    And to go home
    when the day is done.

    All we want
    is to belong.
    To belong somewhere.
    Somewhere at hand
    to shelter us in trust.

    All we want
    is to find our place.
    Our place in this world.
    An online world in flux.

    All we want
    is to connect.
    A connection to something.
    Something definitive.

    All we want
    is to find meaning.
    Meaningful connections
    in shortage.
    Short on time.

    All we want
    is confirmation.
    To confirm our place
    in the space
    between then and there.

    A space surrounded
    by unrest.
    Ourselves tucked inside,
    tending the fire.


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