The Registry Works!

My wife ran into my doctor this morning while walking about the hospital. After exchanging pleasantries and having a discussion about setting up an appointment for me to meet the new head doctor of oncology, my wife asked my doctor what he thought about the possibilities of the match for my bone marrow transplant.

The doctor said the match is good news, of course, and then he went on to explain that out of the initial eight that were targeted from the registry for additional screening, there were actually two exact matches: the one MUD (Matched Unrelated Donor) that has us all excited, and one other. Unfortunately though, the one other match cannot be used. It cannot be used because the match is me.

The National Bone Marrow Registry and screening process really works. I do not remember when I registered but after all of these years it was still able to find me as a match for myself. Finding out I was a match for myself makes me both happy and a little sad. It makes me happy to know that the system works. No matter how long someone sits around in the system waiting, if their type is a match, they will be found. But it makes me sad in the sense that after all these years I was never found as a match for someone in need. And now, even if I come up as a match, I never can be of help, not even to myself.

Visit for more information about the Bone Marrow Donor program.

10 thoughts on “The Registry Works!”

  1. Thank God, I am relieved to hear that they found a match! That’s an answer to a prayer, Matt and I have both been praying for this to happen for you.

  2. This is great news! My husband was a perfect match for a 4 year old little girl, but he never got the call to donate. He is ready whenever, and my daughter has recently signed up to be a donor. Please keep us posted!!

  3. I am sorry I wasn’t a match for you but I am going to put my results on the registry. A random person is able to save you so maybe I can return the favor for you.

  4. Hey Kurt – we all miss you at the office. Wanted to let you know that because I don’t have a badge I wasn’t able to participate in the screening at NSA. But you’ve inspired me to register with the National Bone Marrow Registry and I mailed my self-test kit in today. I had mixed feelings sbout registering because it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized how many people must have a need for it, and that was overwhelming. We live in such a bubble when we are healthy. But I’m truly hopeful that I will be able to, in a small way, make the differnce by being a donor one day. Sending you and your family good vibes. BTW – love your poems, you’re such a great and honest writer. Thank you for sharing your feelings.


    • Suzanne,
      I certainly miss everyone at the office. It’s great for you to register. There are so many folks in need just at my hospital alone. Thanks for the nice comments.

  5. カートのおでこがぶつからないように大きなドアに改修しました。小さかった子供達が収穫したじゃがいもの種を植える季節になりました。カート一家が玄関のベルを鳴らす日を待っています。

    • It’s so nice to hear from you Ha-chan & Yasuhiro! I think about you and your family often. I have so many good memories of all the time we’ve spent together. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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