The Registry Works!

My wife ran into my doctor this morning while walking about the hospital. After exchanging pleasantries and having a discussion about setting up an appointment for me to meet the new head doctor of oncology, my wife asked my doctor what he thought about the possibilities of the match for my bone marrow transplant. The … Read more

Donor Update – 2/2/10

Email excerpt from my Bone Marrow Donor Coordinator: Hello, I emailed the information below to [Kurt’s doctors]; I am still hoping to find another match– but as of date we only have one. Kurt Brindley MR # X-XXX-XX-XX: has 2 haplo* sisters, 1 disparate** sister, 2 MUD [Matched Unrelated Donors] Mis- Matches and 1 MUD … Read more

Donor Update – 1/11/10

Email excerpt from my Bone Marrow Donor Coordinator: I have found potential MUD [Matched Unrelated Donor] donors but I just requested the samples to be sent here for testing to see if they are fully matched. The samples are kept in the individual registry repository I do not have any planned arrival dates from the … Read more