I’m Afraid of Americans

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14 thoughts on “I’m Afraid of Americans”

  1. So what do to predict for the future? An epidemic of mass shootings, followed by a change in laws? How far will it go?
    In the other post you wrote about racial hatred and all the other factors that contribute to tension in society. We are, at any rate, becoming more and more egoistical, ego centred and spoiled and greedy – no just in the US but in the West and elsewhere. All the guns in the States must surely lead to an implosion, or what do think?

    • Well, Jules, the easy answer is, I think it will get a lot, and I mean a lot, worse.

      I was going to conclude that last sentence with before it gets any better… but I have a hard time envisioning that ever happening right now.

      Right now the “threat” is immigrants.

      Just imagine when AI and robotics are deployed in earnest.

      Already we’re seeing the low wage jobs getting hit by technology. However, many of those getting displaced are not of the white race. When technology begins taking over the higher paying jobs in earnest, many of which are employing white americans, many of whom are already feeling threatened by being replaced as the supreme group in both numbers and power, then it’s really gonna get fugly around here.

      We’ll then transition from being frequently hit with mass killings by the lone wolf, disaffected white nationalist to being frequently hit with massive killings and destruction by well-attended disaffected white nationalist militias.

      Anyway, that’s what I think.

      Hope I’m wrong.

      • If nationalist militias were to empower themselves, how do you think the government would react and tackle it? It would represent a break in their power monopoly. Would that be acceptable to them?

        • To respond to your first question – full on force just like the militias want them to.

          I don’t understand what the antecedents are in your second sentence so I don’t know how to respond to the third sentence/second question.

          Anyway, it appears that you may have your own responses/answers to the questions that you pose. I wonder what they may be…

          • No, not really. I’m not really familiar with American society and have little feeling of what’s going on.
            I’m wondering because a part of Putin’s strategy is to ally himself with bikers and their ilk and would imagine Trump would learn from that. Moreover, you folks have privatised so much so why not power when everyone is armed anyway? Scary either way.
            The question to you I’m hinting at is what the feeling is amongst Americans with respects to some kind of civil war or breaking up of the union.
            In the end I think you gotta amend the Second Amendment anyway.

          • It seems Trump admires and is inspired by Putin; but I think he got his ideological epiphany from Brexit which set him on his present rhetorical course. As for a civil war… it happened before, it could happen again.

  2. I become more afraid of my fellow Americans every day. Even when the occupant of the White House changes, we still won’t be able to trust one another. Too much hate has been unleashed. Cowards feel emboldened now to act on their hatred of anyone who isn’t just like themselves. I never thought I’d see America in such a state.

    • I remember how hopeful I felt about my children’s generation back when they were born in the late 80s and early 90s. Theirs was going to transcend the hate and prejudice. How wrong I was. I’m not blaming their generation for our current sad state of affairs by any means because I have no idea how we became so bitterly angry toward each other — the internet? facebook? Putin? in your face politics? a natural societal degradation such as any carbon-based material naturally suffers… the rotting of wood; the rusting of metal… I don’t know — but the hope surely is gone. Long gone.


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