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RAINY SEASON – A Review by Elizabeth Merry

Review excerpt:

This book is called “Rainy Season” and rain permeates the whole novel, as if the whole story was contained inside the rain – and I loved this. Here’s a picture of Rich, leaning over his balcony as usual:

“He leaned against the rail and smoked and watched the shadowed, glistening city as it slept within the downpour.”

I found the writing lyrical and rhythmic; words repeated making the prose like music. Indeed, I thought at one time, if I had a tune I could sing this book:

“Candlelight shimmered off her black sequin dress like the promise of a million stars.”

Elizabeth Merry, Author of WE ALL DIE IN THE END

Check out the full five-star review at Elizabeth’s website:

5 thoughts on “RAINY SEASON – A Review by Elizabeth Merry

  1. Nice to see that Rainy Season struck someone else in the same particular way as it did me. Must be some truth to it. Paul Xylinides

  2. Congratulations on a great review 🙂

    1. Thank you, AB! You’re always so kind. 🙂

  3. “Glistening in the downpour.” Truly it felt like music.
    Your review is interesting.

    For a bit on the rain, I wrote something here, if you’d wanna give it a go on a short read:

  4. I see a movie coming. Thanks for your thoughts.

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