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Emily Dickinson on Daylight Saving Time*


Presentiment – is that long Shadow – on the Lawn –
Indicative that Suns go down –

The Notice to the startled Grass
That Darkness is about to pass –


*Admittedly, it’s highly unlikely that Ms. Dickinson while sitting alone upstairs staring out her pondering window penned this pensive poem about Daylight Saving Time; that being said, it’s time to throw open those curtains, spread sunshine on those foreboding winter-fouled floating dust mites of presentiments and drag those lagging Clocks for-ward and on-ward to-ward that Fresh Breath of presentiment-less and Carefree Air affectionately known as Spring, yo!**

**What’s with all the “yos” lately, yo?


8 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson on Daylight Saving Time*

    1. Indeed. She, our American Haiku Master before anyone in America knew what haiku was, could magically put so much meaning into so few words.

      1. Well, she is good!

  1. I too use a lot of “yo” 🙂 Must be a sign of genius.

  2. Well – it has to be ‘yo’, really – doesn’t it?

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