Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!




Emily Dickinson on Daylight Saving Time*


Presentiment – is that long Shadow – on the Lawn –
Indicative that Suns go down –

The Notice to the startled Grass
That Darkness is about to pass –


*Admittedly, it’s highly unlikely that Ms. Dickinson while sitting alone upstairs staring out her pondering window penned this pensive poem about Daylight Saving Time; that being said, it’s time to throw open those curtains, spread sunshine on those foreboding winter-fouled floating dust mites of presentiments and drag those lagging Clocks for-ward and on-ward to-ward that Fresh Breath of presentiment-less and Carefree Air affectionately known as Spring, yo!**

**What’s with all the “yos” lately, yo?


Wiffle Bats

Wiffle Bats

Wiffle bats, baseball hats,
Touch football,

Flowers in the spring,
Leaves in the fall,

Climbing up the neighbor’s tree,
Swimming in the lake,

A mug of hot chocolate,
A barbecued steak,

Catching frogs and fireflies,
Angels in the snow,

Nighttime crickets chirping,
Thunderclouds so low,

Whistling with my fingers,
Chewing on some grass,

The seasons as they come,
And the seasons as they pass.

Wiffle bats, baseball hats,
Touch football,

I love so many things in life,
I couldn’t name them all.

From Poem Man