The Spirit of What Remains

While I’ve given up completely on superhero movies, ugh, especially Marvels’, UGH!, I am still a fan of the superhero genre in spirit and I have very fond memories of as a child riding my bike to the local grocery store and spending all the allowance I had just received on the latest Batman, Superman, and Spiderman comic books and, at a penny a piece, a handful of Bazooka bubblegum with its own little Bazooka Joe comic strip on the inside of the wrappers.

To keep this spirit alive within me, and because I love to watch talented dudes* talentedly execute their talent, I follow artists on Instagram who draw for various comics and graphic novels.

My favorite is a French artist who goes by the handle marini_art. He’s always posting clips of himself drawing and I eat that stuff up.

Harley Quinn is a character he draws often and this morning he shared a link to the below video by Die Toten Hosen because of a character in it who he feels is a beautiful Harley Quinn, albeit a HQ without the bat and all the crazy aggression.

It is a beautiful video; and while I don’t understand the language the song is sung in, I certainly understand the language found in the artistry and melancholic beauty of the photography.

*While I would prefer it to be non-gender specific, unfortunately, at this time it is gender specific since I haven’t yet found any female comic book artists to follow — I know, I know… it’s on me. I’m sure they’re out there.


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