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The Way Better Day Than Tomorrow

I'm told to live my life like
There's no tomorrow
But truly
There has to be a better way
For if the morrow never comes
And it's my last breath I breathe today
How will I know to appreciate it
For won't I be too enthralled, too focused, too busy with
As much as I can, as hard as I can, as fast as I can
Before the day's end and the morrow that may never come
To simply catch my breath and just
Slow and steady
In and out
Filling my lungs
Feeling my lungs
Expand and
And listen to the fresh-filled blood pounding in the ears
Echoes of the patient heart
Sounding throughout the rest of today and in
To the morrow and beyond

3 thoughts on “The Way Better Day Than Tomorrow

  1. Carry on carrying on Kurt!

    1. Right behind you, sir!

  2. No place like the present, and the mystery of the future! It makes me anxious, but no pain no gain huh.

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