Rainy Season Book Cover

A New Look

For a (not so) old book.

Rainy Season Book Cover
click to explode

Well, I guess in this hyperfast doom scrolling timeline of a world we now live in, 2020 as a publishing date is rather old, ancient even, so perhaps a refreshed book cover is past due.

Anyway, this book, as well as all my others, will be free for 24 hours beginning midnight tonight (I’m never sure if it’s midnight my time or Bezos’s) so go ahead and set your reminders so you can get you some while they last…

Which should be until forever…

Or until Bezos’s servers become aware and the Amazonocalypse begins…

Whichever comes first, I guess.*


*Best we not forget about screwball Musk and his screwball efforts to be the first to trigger the end of times so he can be the one to lord over us on Mars instead of Bezos.



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