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This wonderful, seemingly lesser-known, online music mag provides a very meaty, eclectic new music mix download each month all for the low cost of you subscribing to their newsletter – CMJ

(back in the dark ages all this used to happen each month within the confines of a slick paper magazine and the mix was presented on an exciting and tangible thing called a CD, if you can imagine)

While I tend to bounce around from music service to music service (mostly pandora and tunein (see About), this station was my first find oh so long ago and is still my favorite, mostly because their streams are programmed by humans with hot blood coursing through their veins that percolate various and ever changing brews of moods and vibes and feelings that respond like a lava lamp to the life going on around them instead of by the tuneless pings of zeroes-and-ones-eyed spybots…and also because the site still has that new 90s internet web 1.0 smell to it – 3WK

And finally, I have been listening to Dashboard Confessional (does it change anything between us, you now knowing that I like Dashboard’s music?) lead singer Chris Carrabba’s new band, Twin Forks, for literally, oh yes I did just say literally, two straight days now. It’s a blast of banjo playin’ whistle whistlin’ toe tappin’ hand clappin’ folksy Americana of the most righteous sort, yet with an odoriferous air of sweet freshness all about it. Their site has a handy player at the top that allows you to “listen while browsing” to three of their songs off their self-titled debut album. And yes, you can still feel Carrabba’s heart-felt emotion slapping you in your face like a honey-soaked sponge (a real one, from the sea, not one of those puny fake square things) when he sings, but now it’s emotion without the emo (so to speak). The site also features two videos, one of which I have placed just so, just for you, right here within this private little post of ours. Now, I’m not sure what all the drama is about in the first minute and 17 seconds of the clip, but when the music kicks in afterwards, I dare you to not wiggle or tap in time with it at least some part of your blood coursing, human-like body.



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