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11 thoughts on “HAPPY #HARVESTMOON

  1. I love this song by Neil Young. I love the sound and the lyrics, thank you!

  2. A great share! Thank you!

  3. I must say you grabbed me with Neil Young’s Harvest Moon.  I already had it as my cell ring tone, but thank you…had to watch the whole video even though I have seen it so many times. Have a great weekend…

    1. Yeah, I was humming the song all day in anticipation of the moon rise. Unfortunately, there was cloud cover so I didn’t get to see it until it was fully risen.

  4. Thanks Kurt – I love this song, Just broke out the old album and played it again. Cheers Bro

  5. I can’t say that I have ever been a great fan

    1. Of the Harvest Moon? How about the Hunter’s Moon, the next full moon in October? 😉

      1. Is there something callec Hunter’s Moon?

  6. Thank you for sharing, awesome song!

  7. Just lovely. Makes me want to pick up a broom, grow my hair (there’s a lotta hair in this video!) and sing!

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