The Ark of the Moon

The Course Of The Moon

the ocean of sky
is sailed by such lovely arks
lo! the moon embarks


Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between

in betwixt I am
the ascendance and the fall
the light and the dark

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When I Wake to the Day

I wake each morning to the enduring sky
to the endless quest of the unsettled clouds
to the hilly fields forever rising up to greet me
to the forest grand, eternal with its gracious boughs

Surrounded with such everlasting abundance
infinite within each infinitesimal moment of time
everywhere surrounded within that which cannot be acknowledged
without quaking first with gratitude to the divine

I still lose site of it all
I simply don’t see it
it all lies hidden from me
obfuscated by my vision
Third Eye blinded by all the temporal fury of things
meaningless to me
yet lording over me without thought to my true needs,
true nature


The hawk
so high

floating with such unaccomplished perfection

It’s obvious to me now
So obvious

Like a koan epiphany
floating high on the dismal breeze
it’s so obvious

The Mind Is Like The Sky

Strewn with Soot and Sand
Contrails Scattered in their Run
Ne’er the Eye can See the Sun

Tho’ when Damning Winds
Blow Clear Remorse
Then Fade Away to Silence
Tears of Sun to Whet the Eye
Vision Eternal Lights the Sky