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Seize Hard the Moment

Seize hard the moment
Right now before it passes by
Seize it with all your might
With all your purpose
And don’t question why
Or wonder where it’s been
Or wonder where it’s going
Or wonder anything at all
Just hold on to it
And don’t let go
As it forever evolves
And leads you astray
To the exact where you need to be
To the exact why you need to be



4 thoughts on “Seize Hard the Moment

  1. This very moment: Sat after a lovely cycle ride to a picnic, quietly watching the adverts during the UK TV series “Downton Abbey”, drinking apple juice and checking emails…

    1. Now that is one moment earning its keep. 🙂

  2. Very well said, & beautiful picture!!

    1. Thank you, kristianw84

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