So here’s my conundrum… update #3

Okay… of course we knew Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to get indicted. And I don’t think Bill meeting with the Attorney General to ensure she didn’t get indicted really mattered. Elites don’t get indicted. Period.

And, who knows, maybe a typical Intelligence Community peon being investigated for the same crime wouldn’t get indicted either.

But we all know the IC peon would at least lose his or her access to classified material and/or his or her clearance, which would mean that he or she would be out of a job.

‪‎Hillary‬, of course, won’t lose her access, her clearance, or her candidacy for the president.

What a farce.



15 thoughts on “So here’s my conundrum… update #3”

  1. I am so disgusted right now. I can’t even speak about it. My cynicism knows no bounds. #NeverHillary

    • Yeah, it’s a sham; but the problem is mostly the system that we allow to control us. Hillary is just acting like a normal elite. I get more upset over General Petraeus essentially getting off scot-free after giving his lover classified material. Another elite. So, in response to your #NeverHillary, she’s still by far the lesser of two evils between her and Trump. Not even close.

    • If we took the whole system, wiped anyone out who had any sort of crooked curve in their “self description”, what would we have left to work with? Not much I’m afraid. There will always be ugliness, slanderous, adulterous, back stabbing, ladder climbing, liars, cheaters, even murderers! In fact, we probably have more people in our political world; people that we put into office, that are not law abiding citizens (if they are citizens to begin with). We have law-breakers, felons even though they have never been tried and convicted, they are hiding behind their political facade. ***Yep, just like those Nazi war criminals who collected 20 million in social security benefits. (SEE BELOW)
      But whose fault is this really? We are millions of controlled brains (some very smart and some not so very) running all over the place trying to vote for the people we think would best fill those shoes. But BEFORE WE VOTE, do we get to hear their background before they get into office?

      Maybe we, those American Citizens should begin to look at our laws? Could be that there are some changes in order and I don’t mean later before it’s too late either. Maybe those who want to run our America should have to fill some pretty strict rules, and fit into much bigger shoes? Think about it. If we vote for them and they are full of old problems, it’s not their fault for getting in to office!

      Now read this and get pissed off…..I did (sorry for my language guys)
      Are we really required to pay federal taxes? Why are we paying such high state taxes? I can understand some of it but did you know (the last I checked this was still happening) that we are still paying social security to Nazi war criminals?
      “Report: Ex-Nazis received $20 million in Social Security benefits | PBS ……/ex-nazis-got-20-million-social-security-watchdog-says/ PBS
      May 31, 2015 – A Social Security Administration watchdog found the agency paid $20.2 million in benefits to more than 130 suspected Nazi war criminals, …”
      “America has paid alleged Nazi war criminals millions in Social ……/america-paid-alleged-nazi-war-criminals-millions-social-se… The Week
      Between 1979 and 2007, at least 38 of 66 alleged Nazi war criminals were forced out of the U.S. but allowed to keep their Social Security benefits, according to a ..”

      Thanks for letting me vent; sorry I went on so long…you just hit a nerve I guess.

  2. That hashtag [#‎eliteslivesmatter‬…most] is so eloquent. While a few of the Enron scumbags did get indicted, villains who close their shirt sleeves with cufflinks are almost always 2big2jail.

  3. I’m not a Hillary supporter, nor do I support Trump. The reality is, we have two elites running for president. Neither will represent the common man or woman. You have to choose between two very bad candidates. Do you pick the intelligent one that lies and cheats or the ignorant, bigoted one that lies and cheats. Arsenic or cyanide?

    • If you’re in a debate and you allow your opponent to frame the terms of an argument you’re trapped. I think the US public has allowed dominant political forces to define the terms of our election. Why only two choices? If we look around the world at other developed democracies, many have several options. We call alternatives to Democrats and Republicans 3rd parties, as though these are not viable alternatives. They’re not viable because we ignore them. We’ve allowed those who hold power to frame the argument in terms of ‘us’ or ‘them’. Mainstream media reinforces the either or paradigm because the media is part of the power elite. Think of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Politicians and media outlets represent the same power elite.
      We need to take our political system back. If we want alternatives to the two that are filtered out of a wide field in every election cycle, then we must encourage competition by supporting lesser known candidates. One place to start would be the debates. A 15% participation threshold means only those highlighted by mainstream media will be presented to the public. Think of the power that gives the media and their allies in the political elite. We should demand more voices, more choices. That’s a democracy

  4. Here’s a fun comprehensive list of politicians and other government folk who were convicted of crimes, going all the way back to the late 1700’s. It’s interesting to see how pretty much evenly split the convictions are between the two parties. Also interesting to see how few actually went to prison, and how many got off with light fines, light sentences, or probation.


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