On today’s Freak Show, or as some call it, President-elect Trump’s Press Conference

On what I heard:

  • That Trump will not divest himself from his business
  • That Trump has at least considered running both his business and the United States simultaneously
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is corrupt and is engaging in Nazi-like tactics in order to discredit him and his presidency
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is without a moral compass
  • Pivots, deflections, bullying name-calling, and classifying as fake news any reporter or reporting that doesn’t put him or his incoming administration in a positive light

On what I didn’t hear:

  • A categorical denial that he or anyone in his campaign/administration had contact with any Russian officials prior to or during the presidential campaign

On what I think about what I heard from the confirmation hearings so far:

  • Senator Sessions scares me as Attorney General but I didn’t hear anything that I think will disqualify him or prevent his confirmation
  • General Kelly was endorsed by one of my public servant heroes Secretary Robert Gates so he’s cool and I think he will be an awesome Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Rex Tillerson’s hearing is still ongoing but he was endorsed by both Robert Gates and another public servant hero former Senator Sam Nunn so, even though I have serious concerns over his business ties and especially his relationship with Russia in general and Putin in specific, I will take their word that he is qualified and support him until I find reason to do otherwise




The Murky Link Between the Russian Cyber Threat and My Novel

This is a link to the live recent Senate Intelligence hearing regarding “Russian Hacking and Cybersecurity.”

This is a murky link.

This is a link to The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor, my book about the harsh realities of life in the navy during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era.

What is the relevance of the murky link between the two?

Probably none.

But you won’t know for sure unless you watch the hearing to understand why the Russian hacking of our cyber space is threat to our sovereignty and read the book to understand why intolerance and bigotry is a threat to our humanity.


Trumped Creatively or Creatively Trumped?


I try hard to think of something creative and non-Trump related to post whenever I fire this site up first thing… but obviously I have been and, as long as we continue to live in this alternate reality consumed by such an all consuming reality star presidente, I foresee I will continue to be unsuccessful in my efforts to be creative.

Especially when there is such perfection as this to share.


Silence is Consent


Because I proudly worked in the Intelligence Community for nearly thirty years before catching a nasty cold called leukemia, out of a sense of duty and obligation I rarely discuss publicly matters that involve it.

However, because of my complete and utter disdain for Trump’s ascendency to the presidency, from the very beginning of his campaign to this very moment, it is hard for me to remain silent as he, to serve only his self-interests, politicizes the national security of the country he’s been voted in to protect by dismissing assessed serious acts of aggression by a foreign power and, while doing so, denigrates and shows a complete lack of understanding and respect for a community I know to be amassed with good, honest folk who want nothing more than to serve their country honorably in their humble efforts to keep it safe.

Because of Trump and his self-serving interests, we are a less secure, more vulnerable nation.

Even before taking office, Trump has failed us as Commander-in-Chief of the United States.


So here’s my conundrum… update #3

Okay… of course we knew Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to get indicted. And I don’t think Bill meeting with the Attorney General to ensure she didn’t get indicted really mattered. Elites don’t get indicted. Period.

And, who knows, maybe a typical Intelligence Community peon being investigated for the same crime wouldn’t get indicted either.

But we all know the IC peon would at least lose his or her access to classified material and/or his or her clearance, which would mean that he or she would be out of a job.

‪‎Hillary‬, of course, won’t lose her access, her clearance, or her candidacy for the president.

What a farce.