I Killed Scott Weiland?

Scott Weiland

I killed him?
You killed him?
We all killed him?
It’s what we do?
It’s what we think?
It’s our expectations?
It’s what you expect of me?
It’s what I expect of you?
Your expectations are killing me?
My expectations are killing you?

Self-fulfilling Prophecies?

I talk a lot about living here.
And dying here.
About how one should be expected to live.
As if I really know.

I expect that what I think matters.
That what I think becomes me
As it expands eternally.
Becomes eternally.
But what do I really know.

If what I think really does matter…
If Attraction really is a universal Law…
Then maybe I really did help to kill Scott Weiland.

My sons are musicians.
We talk a lot about music.
The other day we were talking about Nineties Music.
About how great it was and is.
And how deadly it was (and is).

Andrew Wood – Mother Love Bone 24 March 19, 1990 – Heroin
Steve Clark – Def Leppard 30 January 8, 1991 – Codeine, alcohol, valium and morphine
Johnny Thunders – New York Dolls 38 April 23, 1991 – Cocaine and methadone
Dave Rubinstein – Reagan Youth 29 July 3, 1993 – Heroin
Rob “The Bass Thing” Jones – The Wonder Stuff 29 July 31, 1993 – Heroin
Kristen Pfaff – Hole 27 June 16, 1994 – Heroin
Dwayne Goettel – Skinny Puppy 31 August 23, 1995 – Heroin
Shannon Hoon – Blind Melon 28 October 21, 1995 – Cocaine
Bradley Nowell – Sublime 28 May 25, 1996 – Heroin
Jonathan Melvoin – The Smashing Pumpkins 34 July 12, 1996 – Heroin
Billy Mackenzie – Associates 39 22 January 1997 – Paracetamol
West Arkeen – The Outpatience 36 May 30, 1997 – Opiate
Nick Traina – Link 80 19 September 20, 1997 – Heroin
John Baker Saunders – Mad Season 44 January 15, 1999 – Heroin
Bobby Sheehan – Blues Traveler 31 August 20, 1999 – A Speedball
Wes Berggren – Tripping Daisy 28 October 27, 1999 – Cocaine

And of course Kurt Cobain’s life
Was hooked on drugs
And was taken in the Nineties
(evidence now points to his drug addled wife).
And Alice and Chains
(another Nineties band)
Can claim two deaths:
Lead singer Layne Staley in 2001
And Mike Starr in 2011.

I knew there were a lot of overdose deaths in the Nineties
But I didn’t realize there were so many until this writing.
You can see the entire morbid lot of them here.

The fact that there were so many
Tragic musicians deaths of the Nineties
Of my generation
Was what I was discussing with my son
Only a few days ago.

Our conversation ended
After I proclaimed how surprised I was
That Scott Weiland was still alive.
Able to survive
When so many others like him
Were not.

Of course
In the end
No one survives life.
It supersedes us all.

No matter what we think.



11 thoughts on “I Killed Scott Weiland?”

  1. Too true, drugs or not, exercise or not, vegetarian or not, not matter what…in the end, death wins. There are only two responses to this truth; Enjoy life while you can or Quit because what’s the point, you already know the end of the story. Isn’t the whole thing rather like dancing in a burning building? Can we ever build enough happiness to compensate for death?

  2. This is a great piece if writing. I too loved Scott Weiland and STP’s. I was born in 68, but I came if age in the 90’s. I loved the music of do many of these bands. Another band I love is Audioslave (Chris Cornell), Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. Jx


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