Hey! How about that?!

Our good friends over at COPING With Cancer magazine featured an excerpt from my little book HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps in their recent edition.

Pretty cool, no?

Yes, indeed.

You can learn more about the magazine and all the good folks there doing God’s work here.

You can learn more about my book here.

You can check out the post the book was inspired by here.

And you can learn how I feel about pink as the color of cancer here.



Journey Delayed Due to an Inclement Life

If you live long enough, the chances are pretty good you – your faith; your hopes; your dreams – will be tested. There is no way to predict what your test may be – the possibilities are infinite – but the results are always the same: life changing.

Mine came in the form of life-threatening illnesses.

Author Lucille Anderson’s came with the washing away of a life of love and comfort when she lost her business, her father, and her marriage. I strongly encourage you to visit with Lucille to learn more about her test, her testimony, and the lessons she has to share at her website and in her newly released book Habakkuk: The Cry of Crisis the Song of Victory

Life in 3-D Coaching

My definition of being lost is not knowing how you got  where you are, and how to get to where you want to be. That is where I found myself over ten years ago –lost. Oh, I knew that I was making some wrong and some bad turns, so, I can’t completely say that I didn’t know how I got  where I was. But, I’m the victim here, so I don’t have to take responsibility for my part in this, yet.

Just to remind you, or if you are just catching up, these are the circumstances that I am speaking of. In August, 2004, I gave up on trying to keep my business open any longer after a 14 year -successful run. The man whom I was married to walked out two months later (mmm, I wonder if there was a connection). Oh, yes, and I lost my dad in…

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HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps

How Not To Die Book Cover


Inspired by the reception the HOW NOT TO DIE article received, I have now made it available as an ebook edition which is now available, for the time being, exclusively at Amazon.

While staying true to form of the original article, I have updated the content for clarity and completeness. Additionally, I have included with the edition, relevant poetry from my newly released book of poetry Short Verses & Other Curses: Haiku, Senryū, Tanka & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany, as well as a selection of similarly themed short stories from my forthcoming release LEAVE: And Other Stories Short & Shorter.

Links to all the health-related articles that I have written and posted here can be found near the end of the book.

Finally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of HOW NOT TO DIE: In 13 Easy Steps will be donated monthly to my wife’s and my favorite charities and organizations committed to the curing and caring of those suffering from cancer and lung diseases.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Note: Even if you don’t have a Amazon Kindle or Fire, you can still read all Kindle products on your computer, tablet, or phone by downloading one of their free reading apps here.


Resolved, More or Less…

LESS        MORE

Clicking       Talking
Talking        Thinking
Thinking     Reading
Reading       Writing



Just do it, yo!

Just do it, yo!

UPDATE: Look, I get it and I’m sorry. I understand that there are forms of depression so severe that asking someone who suffers from such to do what I’m saying needs to be done in this insensitive post would be like asking a quadriplegic to hop out of her wheelchair and go for an invigorating walk (Geez, even that sounds insensitive…sigh). My sincerest apologies to those I have offended by implying that just by doing what we know needs to be done, like eating healthier and exercising, will make our lives less depressing. While it may benefit most of us, it will do little for those truly suffering. And I’m sorry if I’ve caused addition suffering. Especially since I’ve known the mental health challenges so well…both manically and a depressively. Spending a year on high doses of the steroid prednisone was quite the long strange trip. While I rarely wrote when deeply depressed, I did write like, well, a maniac when I was manic. Though I’ve taken down most of those posts I wrote when on that trip, I left a couple up and added them to the “mental health” category if you’re interested. Again. I’m sorry. I should have known better.


A couple of days ago I had an interesting discussion with my new friend pixie over at her cool site Pixie Dust Beach.

She’s got a lot going on there – you should really go check it out.

And our discussion was in response to her thought-provoking review of Chris Guillebeau’s self-help book The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life. . .

And I kind of been mulling over this discussion ever since…

You know, I’ve never been much of a self-help kind of guy, but there have been key points in my life where I have benefited from the motivation gained from the so-called Self-Help Expert. Tony Robbins helped me quit smoking oh so long ago…what, almost 25 years ago now…sheesh. I will be forever grateful to him for helping me be rid of that nasty habit. And recently I have completely changed my outlook on life all because of my new Personal Pope, that Greatest of Gurus, Dr. Wayne, The Wonderful, Dyer.

I love him.





So I, by no means, am not down on the Self Help massive exploitation market of pain and misery…at all.

If it makes you happier and healthier, whatever the crutch may be, I’m all for it.

But, really, the answers to the complexities and challenges we face in this one big quest of a question mark we call Life are actually quite simple and fundamental.

We, all of us over a certain age, anyway, for the most part, already know what it is we need to be doing to make our lives less hard and less painful and less depressing…


Admit it…deep down you know what it is you need to be doing to improve your life…

But, unfortunately, it’s not just the knowing that gets it done, is it?


It’s the application, the doing…

And it’s this dang doing of what we know to be true that is so frikkin’ hard.

So hard…

But still.

The doing has got to be done…


So, come on then…

All of us.

All together…

All together and gung ho and supportive like…

All Nike mass exploitative marketing like…

Let’s all just do it.

Let’s all just do what we dang well know needs to be done.

Every dang one of us.




Hey all you Free-Thinking Poets and Artists who moderate your comments because you’re scared of a little spam…

Yeah, you know who you are…


And yeah, I know we already discussed this topic in my “PRO” TIP: DO NOT MODERATE ME!

Still pisses me off though every time I post a comment on your site and get the ol’ “Comment waiting to be moderated/approved” announcement of fear.

Deep breath…

But, I’m learning to cope with it…

My Personal Pope, the Greatest of Gurus, Dr. Wayne “The Wonderful” Dyer tells me that when having to choose between being right or being kind, I should always choose to be kind.

It’s a beautiful piece of wisdom.


I love Dr. Dyer.

He has changed my life dramatically in the most positive ways. You should check him out if you haven’t already.

And that’s why it hurts me so much to sin against this most poetic of his precepts…

But it’s so hard not get mad at you moderating sissies because so many, practically all of you, are doing it!

Deep breath…


Deep breath…


I’m not going to revisit all that…well, maybe I am but it’s only because I just read a very interesting WIRED article about REAL Moderators.

According to the article, our major social media tech companies outsource hordes of moderating work – estimated over 100,000 laborers; mostly in the Philippines – to scan the internet and scrub it of all the darkest and most disgusting images that the those with the most darkest and disgusting minds out there like to post just for the shock factor of grossing us out and/or to satisfy their sick perversions — of the porn, the beheadings, the most gruesome of the auto and other kinds of deaths…

Yeah…now that is some Serious Moderating.

Some mind-twisting, psychologically-impairing Moderating.

I cannot imagine having a job where I would have to look at that kind of stuff all day.

Look, I’m no angel, but I can’t even watch an instant replay of a pro athlete twisting his ankle. Seriously. I have to avert my eyes or click off to another channel. Because if I don’t click away, I’m sure to catch a glimpse of it sooner or later because they show the ankle twisting, or knee hyperextending, in super-slow mo, over and over and over…


But those REAL Moderators…

Pour souls. A tough gig to earn only around $500 bucks a month.

Hopefully in their noble endeavors they run across some of Dr Dyer’s videos and receive some of his wise guidance and counseling to help them cope.

But, come to think of it, that might just get them in trouble.

Strange to consider, isn’t it?

A job where you could get busted for not watching porn.

Strange, indeed…but I’m glad they’re out there protecting us from all that vileness.

And it should show all you Sissy Moderators moderating your nervous world against the Evil Legions of Spam Armies that are out there just waiting to attack you at the first sign of the slightest weakness in your moderation defenses just what REAL Moderating entails.

Yes, I know, some of you who moderate your comments have valid concerns of serious and potentially dangerous troll threats.

And I completely understand and moderating your comments is exactly the action you should take…at a minimum.

It’s not you to whom I speak against, though.

It’s to all the sissy spam moderators who would rather throttle the flow of freedom and liberty just so they don’t have to delete a spam comment that just so happens to slip through their defenses…L.O.L.

They must sure be getting a lot of comments to be getting so much spam.

Yeah right…

Besides…have you all checked out the spam lately?

Some are actually quite awesome, at least the ones sneaky enough to get through that Akismet spam catcher thingy.

Just the other day one of my evil spambot comments was so awesome, I left it on the post…

In fact, is was so awesome, I replied to it.



So to all the heroes out there, the REAL Moderators, mostly in Manila, doing God’s work by keeping the internet safe for all the innocent like yours truly, I tip my hat to you.

Thank you.

But to all you sissies out there moderating your spam out of fear…

Yeah, that’s right, you.

You’re a sissy.

A big one…


Deep breath…


Moderated Kurt
Moderated Me