If you condemn and attack Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project* without any understanding of either…

Sorry to say but chances are you’re a racist…

One more than likely slave to a supremist ego and motivated by fear and seduced by a willful (and more than likely generational) ignorance.

However, if you condemn and attack Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project without any understanding of either and truly believe you’re not a racist, then please at least make an effort to explain to us (in your own words, not Fox News’) how that is possible.

Good luck with that.

In exploring the reasons why there is so much pushback and misinformation being disseminated regarding critical race theory (CRT) … let’s examine the psychology of humans. There is a theory called “psychological reactance,” which was first proposed by Jack W. Brehm in 1966. Brehm theorized that people are inherently resistant to certain persuasion, specifically when they feel that the persuasion is somehow posing a threat to their freedoms or their existence. People who are threatened usually feel uncomfortable, hostile, aggressive and angry.

Psychological reactance makes people disregard even the most glaring reality in order to protect their perception of themselves — their ego. They view an acceptance of this reality as a threat to their entire existence and do everything in their power to stifle that “perceived threat.”

Justin J. Grooms, The San Diego Union-Tribune, June 15, 2021

*and #BLM and the Take a Knee Movement and on and on and on…

13 thoughts on “If you condemn and attack Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project* without any understanding of either…”

  1. sometimes it can be hard for us to accept that some bad habits were not a choice, however, it is our responsibility to recognize when we ourselves are the current glitch….thanks for sharing!

    • History, the paradoxical gateway to the future, tells us how it was (as determined by the ruling class); storytelling, the key methodology of CRT, tells us how it could be…

  2. I often think about this subject. I don’t know any foreign people socially – it just doesn’t happen even though I would welcome it with excitement and curiosity. (In Ireland we have a small foreign population.) However, I know when watching television I get so involved with characters I forget to notice what colour they are. For example – Morgan Freeman – I know he’s black but to me he just looks like Morgan Freeman. This is a subject we could all discuss all day and all night. Fascinating – like religion!

    • Even in a country as diverse as the US is and with its complex and enduring legacy of a racism, we still hear Whites saying similar things, such as a declaration of being “color blind” when it comes to race. However, a statement like that can come only from a position of privilege, which of course we in the US know is term that triggers and angers us Whites mightily, as does the concept of Critical Race Theory as discussed above. And while such declarations are typically made magnanimously and with only good intentions, they unfortunately always land with dubious and even harmful impact.

      While Whites in the US can certainly afford to be “color blind” at any time and at any where throughout our society, that’s our privilege, people of color certainly cannot, especially young Black men. The institution of slavery was so successful in part because of the identifying skin color of those enslaved, and it is this “other than White” legacy that endures until this day for all people of color and particularly Black Americans, as evidenced by their being followed by security when shopping, or from the targeting of what’s now commonly called “driving while Black” or simply DWB, and of course the fear and threat they face from even the most mundane interaction with the police, again, fears and threats Whites have the privilege of rarely ever having to consider. I can pretty much guarantee even Mr. Morgan Freeman, as internationally loved and admired as he is, and deservedly so, can easily recount many sad examples of how his life was negatively impacted just because society in the US is far from being color blind.

      Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us Pink Rose and helping to further this much-needed discussion.

  3. I’m paraphrasing something (adding some), according to google, is from David Attenborough: If you collect 100 black ants and 100 fire ants and put them in a jar, nothing will happen.  But if you shake it violently and leave it on the table, the ants will start killing each other.  The red ants believe that the black ants are the enemy, and black ants believe the red ants are the enemy, when the real enemy is the one who shook the jar.  That’s society.  Men vs. women.  Black vs. White or otherwise.  Faith vs. Science.  Young vs. old.  Etc.  Even BLM vs those who believe all lives matter.  What about Critical Race Theorists vs. those who truly think for themselves?  Before we fight, we must ask who shook the jar? ** I added, as said above, to bring the story presently. All too many of us don’t think for ourselves, are reactive, don’t do the “hard” work of real observation, reading, research, and thinking for ourselves, willing to go it alone to truly understand. Never, ever allow anyone to draw you into an argument with clever words or intellectual mumbo-jumbo, but remain centered and do your own contemplation, reading, and pondering. But if you’re going to have friends, check them for honesty and integrity.

      • People make a choice to understand or not. When I was young, I was woefully unaware, but with time, realized I was making a choice not to understand, which was a wakeup call. Adults can make the choice to think for themselves, observe, research, and be honesty, thereby able to share and educate their own children. Regarding today’s teachers, I wouldn’t send a puppy to their rhetorical camps, because they’ve almost all chosen not to think for themselves, not to sincerely observe and understand, and not to do their own research to truly share accurate information.

        • Such a broad negative statement about teachers seems to indicate to me lazy partisan rhetoric. With everything you’ve said in both of your comment responses, you’ve never clearly stated your thoughts regarding CRT and the 1619 Project. I can make my assumptions but I’d rather you clearly state a rhetoric-free position.

          • This is for readers who truly are looking to understand (Propagandists may ignore.): The understanding above came from many years, listening, working, observing, and reading/researching, which all can do for themselves. One thing I’ve learned over the years: recognize integrity, which is never in the form of challenge without honesty. **I believe, now you’ll hear intellectual rhetoric in reply, perhaps barbs or quips, and that’s okay, for this is a public forum. To each person, if you’re truly looking, open your eyes, read, listen, research, discover what life and education was like several decades ago and before, how communist nations ran their education, and you’ll grow in understanding.

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