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You know how it goes: every once in a while someone will ask: knowing what you know now, if you could, would you go back in time to assassinate Hitler? Or something to that effect.

To be honest, I’m a lover not a fighter so I would probably defer the time travel assassin role to someone a bit more inspired than I. But I’m pretty sure if I could go back in time I woud take a mulligan and redo high school and not be as lazy and unmotivated as I was the first go around. Such lost potential there, that’s for sure.

Anyway, why we’re on the subject of maniacal dictators, I can’t help wondering more and more if some time in the future we won’t be asking the same, unsatisfying time travel question about Trump.

I hope not. I pray not. I hope and pray that an act of God takes out the Hitler wannabe before there is even the chance he’s “voted” back into office. I mean, how many Big Macs does one have to eat before the plumbing finally clogs up for good?

And if those hopes and prayers aren’t answered, as a back up I hope and pray that as a nation we are smart enough, and motivated enough (although at this point in time I don’t have much confidence in either), to not vote for him in such numbers that even as big a liar and a cheat as he is that he feels so demoralized that he doesn’t even try to claim the election was rigged.

Yeah, I know, I know… wishful thinking.

Speaking of wishful thinking… now while of course I do not condone assassination or murder of any sort, except through due process of the law obviously, but I can’t help also wondering, as hated as The Donald is by so many people around the world, and as extreme and unpredictable as we humans have become, if there isn’t someone out there right now planning on taking the self-loving, disadvantaged-people loathing wannabe dictator out so as to not allow another Hitler to terrorize the planet.

Do you think?

Just wondering…

Not condoning…

Or hoping or praying or wishing…

And I promise I wasn’t crossing my fingers either when I typed that…

Or my toes.


Regardless of all the hopes and prayers and wishful thinking, there will indeed come a day when we live in a post-Donald world (assuming he vacates an oxygen-breathing state before one of the narcissistic billionaires discover a “cure” for aging and death like they are trying so hard to do), I can’t help but wondering yet again if there is anyone out there megalomaniacal enough to curry enough favor with all the whacky cultists to assume The Donald’s role as King of the MAGAtes.

It seems like his daughter has evolved into a semi-state of sanity and is no longer interested in throwing her diamond-studded tiara into the despotic ring.

How about Junior, the Cocaine Kid, does he have what it takes to be as world-destroying as his father? I’m guessing not, despite any sincere effort he may make.

EriK? LOL, am I right!

Or maybe it is that The Donald is just a one-off? And that when he goes, so goes the threat to the world’s oldest democracy…

And to the rest of the world.

I hope so anyway…

And pray…

And wish…



11 thoughts on “Post-Donald”

    • I can’t help but wonder about Barron Trump, the tall silent son. Who knows what goes through his head – thoughts of endless Big Macs sponsored by the American people, or political aspirations of his own? He’s a bit of a scary mystery.

      • He’s too young yet for met o consider, besides, he has enough to contend with right now having to deal with the awkwardness of his height and weight. I went through the same situation at his age.

  1. Apparently Mr. T is beginning to show his own cognitive decline now that he is forced to appear in public to campaign. Referring to Nikki Haley as Nancy Pelosi five or six times in one rampage? If the press actually starts to call him on it every time he messes up (instead of total silence as of now) some of the doubt may get through to enough voters to change the current trend.

  2. I couldn’t have stated it any better, nor agree with you any more, Kurt. You’ve expressed very well the thoughts that keep sane, democracy-loving people awake at night.


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