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What a Big Shot!

No, I'm not talking about Trump -- Damn it! I told myself I was not going to write anything about our Dictator-in-waiting today. Oh well. Anyway... The Wall Street Journal just named Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving's Game 7 shot in last year's NBA Finals as the biggest in NBA history. I don't know for sure, … Continue reading What a Big Shot!

This is a Happy Post

  You know, it being The Holidays and all, I thought I'd get at least one last happy post in before the Electoral Collage votes to elect as our new president an orange-tinted, small-handed, mean-spirited, race-baiting, violence-inspiring, self-gratuitous, megalomaniacal, grossly garrulous Grinch hell-bent on taking over the world via twitter. Ho ho ho cough hack … Continue reading This is a Happy Post

So we’re all up in arms about Trump’s call with Taiwan…

(Yes, of course it pissed off China which means it could have a negative impact on our Walmart purchases); but what about that call he had with the "president" of Kazakhstan... you know, the one where, according to an official Kazakh government read-out of the call, Trump praised the "enduring dictator" by stressing that "...under … Continue reading So we’re all up in arms about Trump’s call with Taiwan…

Let the Dictatorial Detente Begin

Putin is in the news getting all conciliatory and hopeful of a new relationship between Russia and the US with the advent of Trump's presidency. I'm all for world peace, but not at the expense of chumming it up with a murderous thug dictator who probably got all warm and fuzzy and tingly inside when … Continue reading Let the Dictatorial Detente Begin


  And by me I mean us. At least those of us who learned as children that Sticks and Stones Can Break Our Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Us... Okay, maybe sometimes words can hurt but that is not the point. Okay, maybe that is the point but so what? We're Writers, right? And … Continue reading “PRO” TIP – DO NOT MODERATE ME!