Remember the Nineties…

Back when both music and movies were awesome.

I saw an oh-so-true meme (or whatever those little poster-thingies are that mostly gush with quirky sayings…and cats) bouncing around the internet the other day that said something to the effect:

I still think the Nineties were a decade ago

What the heck?

And they aren’t?


It was the Cranberries.

The group just popped into my head a couple of minutes ago for whatever reason and got me to thinking about all this Nineties stuff.

They were there – killing it – and then they were gone.

I remember they broke up over something as seriously silly (and a bit redundant when put into the context of this sentence) as a break up…

Something like the lead singer’s boyfriend dumped her and she became unraveled?

I guess I could activate the google side of my brain for the real truth.

But I’m more content with the less-accurate but comfortably fuzzy memories right now.

Anyway, here’s one of their hits from, oh I don’t know, a year or two ago maybe…


10 Replies to “Remember the Nineties…”

  1. My childhood was the nineties, and I still go back to listening to songs from the Cranberries, REM, Nirvana, early Nine Inch Nails and Manson, and the like. Some songs will just stick with me forever from that decade. :)

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    1. While I consider myself an Eighties guy for the most part, there was some overlap during both decades during my so-called formative years. A lot of great music in the Eighties…and even more not-so-great. The Nineties rule majorlyregarding the music and movie scenes.


      1. I mostly remember the television from the nineties and even early 2000s. MTV that actually played music, some really awesome cartoons and anime shows. Before reality t.v. came in and just spoiled everything.

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