THE GOOD KILL – A Synopsis

During the battle to liberate Mosul from the brutal grip of the Islamic State, Killian Lebon, a war-weary Navy SEAL Senior Chief, sustains life-threatening injuries from an explosion during a mission gone wrong, forcing him to retire early from an occupation that for almost twenty years had been his sole purpose for being – that of a fearless warrior in defense of his country.

Suffering from his injuries’ traumatic after-effects and the overwhelming guilt he feels from the deadly consequences of his failed final mission, Killian’s life had already spiraled downward to the deepest depths of despair when he is stricken further by dual tragedies that bottom him out completely and leave him without the will to continue living within such a dark and indifferent world.

And if not for the saving grace of RJ, a woman whom he had loved once long ago, he would have succeeded in that which he had thought would be his final mission. Instead, she saves him from the void of despair and reveals to him two long-held, painful secrets that inspire within him a new purpose for living – to make it his mission to ruthlessly eliminate from Earth the vile scum who traffic women and girls for sex.

But after one of his vigilante missions goes sideways and he is forced to rescue against her will a sex trafficking victim on her own mission of salvation, the consequences of Killian’s past and present tragedies merge to take him barreling madly down a path that leads him straight into the crosshairs of corrupt Russian agents and unscrupulous corporate moguls and chases him from the lush rolling hills of his Southern Pennsylvania farm, down to the mean streets of Baltimore and the steamy bayous of New Orleans, and back once again to the windswept desert of Iraq where all his troubles first began… and where his most anticipated act of vigilante justice is destined to be executed.


#TGK #dark #violent #thriller




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