THE GOOD KILL – A Storyline Checklist

Battle weary Navy SEAL    ✓ Fearless, kickass women    ✓ Corrupt corporate moguls    ✓ Conniving Russian agents    ✓ Ruthless ISIS terrorists    ✓ Cold-hearted pimps    ✓ Low-life sex traffickers    ✓ Evil henchmen    ✓ Traitorous scum    ✓ Dark Web hackers    ✓ Cool cars    ✓ Luxurious yachts    ✓ High-speed chases    ✓ Heartless violence    ✓ Brutal redemption    ✓ Love    ✓ Romance    ✓ Kittens         #mysteries #suspense #thrillers Continue reading THE GOOD KILL – A Storyline Checklist

Chemical Warfare

Speaking from my privileged First World perspective, our, meaning the United States’, response to the Syrian war has always been a very conflicting and troubling issue for me.

Poor me, right, when there’s somewhere around 500,000 Syrians dead and over 10,000,000 displaced.

Poor me, indeed.

But since all pain is relative, all I can do is acknowledge/empathize with/pray for the atrocities external from me while focusing on finding some way to mitigate or at least reconcile with the conflicts and turmoil internal to me.

So far I’ve been unsuccessful…

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A quick check-up from the neck up…

I have absolutely no idea why I wrote that as a title for this post… Tru dat. But since it is what it is, I guess we might as well just go with it. Just go with the Flow of the Is of the Now… Oh boy… Anyway, since you’re here I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Well, the two features Relating to Humans and the Indie Author Book Selection & Review thingy are beginning to get a little love, meaning, there is stuff up there just waiting for someone to look at it… So, I … Continue reading A quick check-up from the neck up…