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Any Fans?

House of Leaves


Been wanting to read this for a long time but now that I finally have it…

I find its presence rather… intimidating.




6 thoughts on “Any Fans?

  1. I read it and enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but far from the worst.

    1. Okay. Great. It’s good to know, with all the hoopla around it I’ve seen, it’s not just a love it or hate it kind of read. Thanks for saying so, Katrina.

  2. We own it and while I want to read it, I’m also a little intimidated by it. That, and I’ve heard it requires a lot of attention to detail which is hard for me to do with two kids running around.

  3. It’ll soon become annoyance. I read it on release and it was ok but quite full of itself. I have a copy to reread sometime.

    1. Hmm… haven’t started it yet but have the feeling your assessment shall, too, be mine. Hope to get to it soon. Thanks, CF!

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