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Where You Are We Cannot Go

Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka

With you
there we are
at the places we cannot go
with you
we go
you take us there with you
to the places we cannot go

You guide us
drive us
deep into the heart
into the dark
into the places we cannot go

Through the heat
through the snow
the snow
the bitter snow
the insufferable snow
with you through the snow
we lose ourselves
in the places we cannot go
crumbling castles in the sky
looming shadows
rampart mysteries
the eyes
spying eyes
lying eyes
the eyes coaxing us down
the endless trails
the trails without end
that lead us
to the places we cannot go
the hunger
the bitter hunger
we hunger
we are there
with you
and we hunger
we live for the hunger
we hunger to be there with you
enduring trials indiscriminate
to be with you
to suffer
with you
the trial
the trials
the accusations of truths
for which we have no defense


5 thoughts on “Where You Are We Cannot Go

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  2. Gorgeous, smooth like twenty year-old scotch (even though I never had… well, you know!) Fantastic heartbeat on this… well done.

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment, obzervashunal. It means a lot to me, especially seeing how important Kafka is to me. Thanks again…

      1. Absolutely! Nice to see you share my love of Japan too! Fantastic country…

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