Did thine Savior truly say, Blessed are those who do not doubt me, Ere His mounting upon that skull-shaped hill? If so, then needs must be to Him I pray On a bended and shaky knee Begging for Him to bless me, still. For, while I have no doubt today That the Son of God … Continue reading Screwed


Devolution, Baby

god's creation procreation fornication population isolation mass migration and starvation revelation supplication congregation holy nation manipulation inquisition forced conversion revolution constitution world solution institution goal dilution mass confusion and delusion mind erosion soul implosion greed explosion wealth variation truth evasion love deletion hate invasion new invention good intention no prevention from extension of construction to … Continue reading Devolution, Baby

A Prolific Poet

Somehow I managed not to share this (age is a possible factor) very kind recommendation for Poems from the River that was posted by our good friend at Chronicles of a Blogaholic, who, with her daily musings and photography, brings us all a little bit of sunshine and happiness.

Chronicles of a Blogaholic

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the thought has found words.”
Robert Frost

Poems from the River

There’s a blogger I’ve been following since I began my blog. He’s one of the first bloggers that found my blog and liked one of my posts.

Ever since that day, I’ve been following him daily. His stories and photographs are an inspiration.

Last week I ordered his book of poetry, Poems from the River, which arrived yesterday. His collection of poems are tender and beautifully written.

If you’re interested in visiting Kurt’s blog and buying his book, please check him out at: Kurt Brindley. I believe Kurt Brindley is and will become quite a prolific poet.

Shine On

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It’s Only “Weird” If… [Weird Wednesday Prompt]

I like those beer commercials that were airing a couple years ago about how it was only weird if it didn't work. If that isn't one of the most true and profound beer commercials in the history of beer commercials then I don't know what is... I mean, if we do something strange or have … Continue reading It’s Only “Weird” If… [Weird Wednesday Prompt]

In Celebration of the End of Procrastination

To celebrate the release of my poetry collection Poems from the River as a print edition, you can get a free copy of the Kindle edition from now until approximately 23:59PM (PST) Sunday, December 14, 2014. GET YOUR FREE EBOOK >> UNITED STATES | WORLDWIDE   The print edition is now available for purchase directly … Continue reading In Celebration of the End of Procrastination

Another rainy day

Another rainy day Yet as Beautiful As it is In all its Low Pressure Depression --- A Cause to Rejoice And to Celebrate Life And all its many Sudden Surprising Vagaries --- All I can do is Sit here and Think Thinking 7,000,000,000 of You Are out there Some in the Rain Some not But … Continue reading Another rainy day


it's not the season .....the occluded fronts .....the barometrical pressures it's not the helpless sad sun .....obscured by the sooty midday murk the spiteful arctic sting .....carried by the weak unsuspecting breeze the frozen-rooted grass .....aching to fall the forever green tree's not the bare feet upon the stone tiled floor .....the rude awakening … Continue reading Cold

Meet me in the courtyard where the blood no longer flows

You and I sipping tea wrought iron stylish in ancient design umbrella faded to blue just so violet clematis climbing reaching divine but hiding sins etched in walls which leaves us sacred in our time   bodies marched out lined up backs against the brick against the wall so to speak confessional sins then onward … Continue reading Meet me in the courtyard where the blood no longer flows

Listen To The Colors

Listen to the colors For they have so much to say. You'll be surprised at what you hear If you don't let your fears get in the way. Listening to the colors Takes more than just your ears. You must listen with all your senses, For colors are hard to hear. Listen closely to all … Continue reading Listen To The Colors