A Prolific Poet

Somehow I managed not to share this (age is a possible factor) very kind recommendation for Poems from the River that was posted by our good friend at Chronicles of a Blogaholic, who, with her daily musings and photography, brings us all a little bit of sunshine and happiness.

Chronicles of a Blogaholic

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the thought has found words.”
Robert Frost

Poems from the River

There’s a blogger I’ve been following since I began my blog. He’s one of the first bloggers that found my blog and liked one of my posts.

Ever since that day, I’ve been following him daily. His stories and photographs are an inspiration.

Last week I ordered his book of poetry, Poems from the River, which arrived yesterday. His collection of poems are tender and beautifully written.

If you’re interested in visiting Kurt’s blog and buying his book, please check him out at: Kurt Brindley. I believe Kurt Brindley is and will become quite a prolific poet.

Shine On

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The Poem of Me

The poem of me from yesterday Is not that which I am today In many ways they may resemble But don't be fooled by what I say Look closely at what you hear Listen with more than just an ear The poem of me from yesterday Is not that which I am today You think …


it's not the season .....the occluded fronts .....the barometrical pressures it's not the helpless sad sun .....obscured by the sooty midday murk the spiteful arctic sting .....carried by the weak unsuspecting breeze the frozen-rooted grass .....aching to fall the forever green tree .....it's not the bare feet upon the stone tiled floor .....the rude awakening …


I like bubble gum. I like bats. I like baseballs And cowboy hats. I like mudcakes. I like moles. I like mountain bikes And deep, dark holes. I like tinker toys. I like tag. I like tadpoles And greasy, dirty rags. I like football. I like fightin'. I like fishin', Especially when they're bitin'. I …

My Town

All my life I've lived in a town Where stop means go And up means down, Where happy means sad And black means white, Where good means bad And wrong means right, Where night means day And yes means no, Where work means play And fast means slow, Where yesterday means tomorrow And midnight means …


People's moods can be just like yo-yos Sometimes up... Sometimes down... One minute they're smilin' And the next they're wearin' a frown!   from Poem Man     FOR MORE LIKE THIS >> CLICK CLICK

The Mind Is Like The Sky

Clouded Polluted Strewn with Soot and Sand Contrails Scattered in their Run Ne'er the Eye can See the Sun Tho' when Damning Winds Blow Clear Remorse Then Fade Away to Silence Serenity Clarity Tears of Sun to Whet the Eye Vision Eternal Lights the Sky


I don't want to write bestsellers, Or be president of this great land. I don't want to paint like Picasso, Or sing in a rock and roll band. I don't want to star in the movies, Or do anything that brings wealth or fame. I don't want to be an overpaid athlete Of any professional …

Poem Man

Come hither all ye children And gather round, For the Poem Man cometh To your quaint town. He's bringing the most magical, beautiful, Spectacular sounds... Sounds that you may have never heard before. He has the sounds of pinks and yellows And midnight blues. You'll hear rainbows and gumdrops And morning dew. Come hither sweet …


we pull the lever because the lever is there because the lever is there we pull the lever because we pull the lever we receive that which we desire we desire that which we desire because the lever is there


Life is all Briers and Berries all "Huzzah!" and "Hell fire!" Greek Tragedies, Comedies Life is both a rip-roarin' Kick in the Crotch and a moist, long Kiss deep within the Secret Beyond Life is all This Life is all That It's nothing more than Everything It's nothing less than Nothing Life Is Period And a Period is Infinite

Sermon Series: “Entering the Dark Cloud of God”

do not fear the dark
for faith requires no light
grace shines through the night


Read sermons from additionalspeakers provided to TIME by the Festival.

Grace to you and peace in the name of the one God who comes in more than one way. I am glad to be with you on day two of the Festival of Homiletics, which I think of as the preaching conference for people who will pay good money to avoid a) having to preach and b) being assigned to small groups. Am I right?

Since we are all here to pick up some tips from each other, I thought I’d lead with one of mine: whenever you come up on something about God, the gospel, or the life of faith that everyone knows is true, step back from the reverential crowd whose gaze is fixed on it and look in the opposite direction—because nine times out of ten there is something just as true back there, though largely…

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