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verse / 20231026

Machine gun png sticker, illustration
death denial death... / 
round after round after round... / 
reload and repeat... / 


3 thoughts on “verse / 20231026

  1. What possible justification can there be for anyone to own such a weapon?

    1. Well, my brother-in-(former)arms, as a retired vet yourself, you may have fired a weapon or two at some point. Had you, like I, you may have found how seductive they can be. I have never fired an AR-15, but I imagine it would be an incredibly powerful experience. I imagine even the most cowardly person would feel invinsible at last with one.

      Not justifying or apologizing for the rifle at all — I def believe they should be illegal — just trying to understand how my nation arrived at such a violent state of being…

      No Gun, No Respect.

      1. There’s no denying the adrenalin rush when firing weapons!

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