Cue the Rocky theme song…

The ultimate nepo baby, George Dubya Bush and his Good Ol’ White Boy (mostly) Club O’ Iraqi War Criminals drove me from the once honorable (if you go back to Lincoln anyway) and still somewhat sane (at least before unrecallable Reagan) Republican Party, and Trump, the antepenultimate nepo baby, of course coming just before his first two nepo offspring (and not counting Eric, who would, or the other two (as far as we know) burgeoning and relatively unknown (thank god) offsprings), and his dangerous cult drove me, not only from politics as a whole, but from any engagement online with anyone who might be maga-inclined, meaning I stopped posting entries here and I deleted all my social accounts.

And it was a good thing I did…

As it was ery healing because Trump and his calamitous cult really got into my head and owned it, pummeled it. Knocked me right out of the ring for quite a long while.


But not for good.

Getting strong now!

And when I fired up the new and improved website (you may have noticed that I have broken free from Amazon’s sole grip on my literary career and am now selling my books, right here, directly to all you literarily likeminded, inquisitive souls – presently they all are free as I work out the kinks so get ’em while they’re hot, so to speak… hardcovers and paperbacks coming soon // end of promo) I at first thought I would stay away from politics and all the dangerous drama it brings and keep all my old political, anti-trump entries unpublished…

But, now that I’m back, and believe me, I am back, it is too hard to resist the political turmoil, as there is just too much important silly stuff going on in these less than United States of mine.

To wit, the recent election, as dysfunctionally delayed as it has been, of Mike, mega maga election denier and Trump-Bootlicker extraordinaire, Johnson from one of the most seriouly maga-infested states there is just being voted in as Tool/Speaker of the House.


Anyway, long story short, I’m going to republish all the old political entries beginning as far back as 2015, BCET…

Before the Catastrophic Era of Trump.

Which means, if you are a follower of this site, may peace be upon you, and may you please be patient with me…

Because you’re about to get spammed with a lot of old political, anti-trump blather of mine.

If you are a Trumper, may god help you, and I’ll understand if you unfollow, but I hope you won’t. I hope you stick around and engage with me and try to prove why I shouldn’t think that you are mentally imbalanced in a way that most hardcore cultists like trumpers are. Seriously.

Okay, let’s bring it.

Ding, ding!


4 thoughts on “Cue the Rocky theme song…”

  1. I adore you & your politics. Your views align well with mine. I’m looking forward to reading your well- written missives on these turbulent times. In the style of one my favorite Jeopardy players, Sam B….bring it!


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