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Hunter’s Moon

You seeing what I’m seeing?


6 thoughts on “Hunter’s Moon

  1. No matter how I try I cannot see this photo Kurt!

    1. What do mean? The picture is not rendering or you’re not seeing anything special within the picture?

      1. All I see is a small file icon in the corner of a blank frame, on both Reader and on your site.

        1. Weird. Getting likes on it so it seems others see it. Maybe not all though, hmm… Thanks for the heads up, brother.

          1. We have a great view of the moon and Saturn tonight although it is a little misty so not good for photos.

          2. There is a Japanese concept called “yugen” that you may be familiar with – includes wabi and sabi that are a bit more common – that basically celebrates beauty in life’s imperfections. So basically, a little mist goes a long way in Japan 🙂

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