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Did thine Savior truly say,
Blessed are those who do not doubt me,
Ere His mounting upon that skull-shaped hill?

If so, then needs must be to Him I pray
On a bended and shaky knee
Begging for Him to bless me, still.

For, while I have no doubt today
That the Son of God is He,
Tomorrow, without a doubt, I will.


5 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. Why, even the shakiest of legs can sometimes end up on the surest footing Mr. Brindley. Doubts are common among we fallen men, but they don’t have to be permanent. I loved the poem.

    1. It’s from our doubts that our truths are revealed. I’m happy you enjoyed it, dbp49. Appreciate you saying so.

      1. You are very welcome.

    1. That makes me happy, my friend. Thank you for saying so.

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