Devolution, Baby

god’s creation
mass migration
and starvation

holy nation
forced conversion

world solution
goal dilution
mass confusion
and delusion

mind erosion
soul implosion
greed explosion
wealth variation
truth evasion
love deletion
hate invasion

new invention
good intention
no prevention
from extension
of construction
to destruction
then extinction


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2 thoughts on “Devolution, Baby”

  1. At first, I wondered if the first two lines were the whole post? Which lead me to wonder if the shorter the post, the more likes you get. So, I clicked to read the rest of the work. And was delighted to be proved wrong. It is possible to (kinda) rhyme a whole poem and not make a cheesecake-sweet conglomeration of drivel. (I tend to loathe rhyming and then am guilty of perpetuating it whenever I lapse into poetic fits.) I also thought this would be a good piece for anyone learning English for a lesson in variations of pronunciation. So, basically, you have diagnosed me with borderline A.D.D. with your work. Congratulations.

    And truly, it was very clever. Well done, you.

    • Hey there, kirizar. Long time no see. Like you, I typically tend toward non-rhyming verse. But been going through old journals lately and it seems the much younger me had different tastes. I’m happy you enjoyed this one. Appreciate you saying so.


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