Fans of Albert Camus are so absurd

Yeah, so call me absurd... Anyway, as happens with my other such favorite influential authors -- Kafka, Vonnegut, Melville, Hemingway, London, Conrad... (I know, I know. This list is very male and very white... I'm working on that. I promise.) -- I, like clockwork, begin jonesin' for a Camus fix at least once a year. … Continue reading Fans of Albert Camus are so absurd


The Absurdity That Isn’t

  I'm not a philosopher despite the fact that it is my belief that everyone with a thinking brain, and especially those without, is one, whether it be as a witting one or not. No, I'm not a Philosopher, despite my occasional philosophizing about philosophical stuff, in the same regard that I'm not a Poet, … Continue reading The Absurdity That Isn’t