If I were the ruling megalomaniac of the world…

I would appoint a very select and trusted group of high-level advisors who were each intimately familiar with my intellectual and creative sensibilities and desires and whose sole purpose would be to continually study and field test all germane and pertaining resources and outlets so that they could come to a consensus among themselves and make their recommendation to me no later than 8:00 pm each day as to what movie or TV show I should view for the evening.


If only I were the ruling megalomaniac of the world…



4 thoughts on “If I were the ruling megalomaniac of the world…”

    • It’s because of the present-day multitudinous hordes and their severely bent, warped and crooked priorities that my primary priority is to flee straight and often to the fantasy of film in a desperate effort to escape them.

  1. Power magnifies the potential for cruelty, only because human nature allows us to be emotional, even if we know emotion is the source of all pain and clouds reason
    But to be coldly compassionate and see it as it is, power a mere tool for change and so to follow logic in the face of emotion, is to draw the criticism of those who feel you are not human enough

    • I am as compassionately cold as a disinterested cucumber. In face, Machiavelli is my middle name. It used to be Danger, but that was back when I was a more emotionally involved wannabe ruling megalomaniac…


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