Say hello to my little friends…

Mama and baby mourning doves (squabs) nesting in the flower box hanging outside my office window*


*photo credit to the wife

5 thoughts on “Say hello to my little friends…”

  1. I was hoping to see a similar scene in my front porch. Alas, two days after the female sat on the nest nest, the male vanished. Most probably became a prey to the hawks. The female sat on the nest for three more days. I can see her becoming skinny every day morning when I opened my front door. After the third day, she left. Must have realized the futility. She cam back a to the nest for a few days, calling out to her mate. It was heart breaking.

    • That’s so sad. One of the joys of watching the process from the time mom and dad began building the nest until now was hearing one calling out to the other and the other quickly responding to take over keeping the eggs warm. Such a beautiful display of familial love and domesticity.


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