Leave has Left the Building

And by building I mean Amazon Prime.

Sadly, for reasons yet unknown to me, Amazon has decided to eliminate its entire catalog of short films, films which includes Leave and which happens to be an awesome film with an awesome director and an awesome cast and crew and which yours truly wrote and executive produced and which premiered at the awesome LA Femme International Film Festival in 2018.

Yeah, exactly…

Dubya. Tee. Eff., Bezos?


So, now I need to find a new home for Leave. A home which is hopefully a little more respectful of the value short films bring to the world.

Any ideas?

Tell you what, while we ponder over where best to host the flick, how ’bout for the next couple days, let’s say until 2359 Sunday, March 14, 2021, to be exact, I will unlock it at Vimeo for all to see and enjoy?

Sounds like a solid plan, eh.

Also, if you’re interested in watching the short documentary I produced about the making of Leave, you can check that out at leavethemovie.wordpress.com. While there, you can also learn more about the cast and crew.

Of course, you can watch the doc at Vimeo as well.

All righty then…


Watch Leave at Vimeo

Watch The Making of Leave at Vimeo


14 thoughts on “Leave has Left the Building”

  1. As a UK veteran of 28 years I well remember the difficulties of being away from home with little or no contact, the problems of the introduction of women into front line services, and also having to stop long held hazing practices. Very much enjoyed Kurt!

    • Hey, thank you. I’m happy you were able to view it. And I’m happier to know that you’re a brother in arms. Thank you for your 28 years of service to and sacrifice for the free world. I had the pleasure and honor of serving with many of the UK’s finest during my time. Great memories.

  2. I mean no disrespect her in this comment: I watched all 10 minutes of that trailer, and I still have no clue what the movie is about. On one hand I feel like it’s some sort of ghost story. But then because it’s an independent film I feel like it’s going to make some sort of comment about gays and women on front line military forces. Then it something has to do with about his mother. It is so enigmatic to me that it pretty much makes me confused and not interested in watching it at all. Lol

    Like I said, I don’t mean any disrespect. But I wonder if you have to be into independent films in order to really understand the genre or something. I’m not really sure. Maybe I’m not artistic enough, or I’m not intellectual enough. But I wish the trailer was a little bit more clear about why I should be interested in the movie at all.

    honestly. I’m not being sarcastic or anything. Maybe you could briefly summarize for me what the movie is about. And then I might be interested in watching it. 🙂

  3. … and I feel like there is some sort of insider thing about a “HT punch”. It seems like that’s significant to the meaning of the movie, and it’s in the trailer as though it’s something that we should know about. But I couldn’t pick up on any context from the trailer about what an HT punch is. Having no experience in the military at all, honestly, I just really saw the trailer of example of a kind of human beings that I feel really sorry for. Just overall I didn’t really get any motivation to watch the movie from the trailer. So I have to wonder, because I would like to watch the movie, if the motivation is supposed to come just from the unknown eeriness that the trailer portrays?

    • Fantastic feedback, landzek. I really appreciate you taking the time to provide such a thorough review. I guess the irony is, it is a short film not a trailer so what you’ve seen is all there is. And to be honest, your feeling for the movie, about all its ambiguities and jargon and all the other eerie unknowns is really what it feels like the first time a sailor reports to a ship. Just imagine how all compounded that would be to be the first female ever to report to that ship. Thanks a bunch, my friend.

      • Omg. 😄. R u kidding ? It is a short movie. 10 minutes ? That is brilliant.
        Ok. Cule. Wow.

        I remember seeing The Blair Witch when it first came out. I had lieterally heard about it the day before. It played at a small theatre in Boulder, co. And all we knew was that it was a documentary and that it was a true story. That’s all we knew. And when we saw it. It was the most freightening movie I had ever seen. Still to this day. Becuase I literally though it was true. It wasn’t until the ending rolling credits that we started wondering if it was real. But the effect has already occurred. So brilliant it was.

        Thanks man!


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