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I don’t want to write bestsellers,
Or be president of this great land.
I don’t want to paint like Picasso,
Or sing in a rock and roll band.

I don’t want to star in the movies,
Or do anything that brings wealth or fame.
I don’t want to be an overpaid athlete
Of any professional game.

What I do want you might think is silly.
In fact, it might even make you giggle.
There’s only one thing in life I want. . .
And that’s to learn how to make my ears wiggle.


From Poem Man.

15 thoughts on “Wiggle

  1. This is great! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. I know a man who can wiggle his ears. I imagine that he wooed his wife with this power.

    As for me, I regularly buy lottery tickets (for the money part)

  3. I wrote a similar poem recently called I want to be a roadsweeper..I’ll post it soon. Love your drawings too 😃 Have a good day and thanks for following my blog

  4. That’s a cute truth – very good

  5. I like it. so simple yet speaks lots of sense

  6. My great uncle could do this, and roll his eyes too 🙂 it was fun to see and a great read, 🙂

  7. Darling poem! My step-grandfather is the only person I know who could make his ears wiggle. I loved him for that (and much more). I think you kind of have to be born with the talent, though… 😉

  8. Good luck to you and your quest ! Think I’ll try make my belly wobble.. Thank you. I need that.

  9. This brought a smile to my face 🙂 Thanks

  10. yeah, how do they do that??

    1. exacty, luckykaye, exactly…

  11. […] Anyway, here is some music that will make your toes tap and ears wiggle. […]

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