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Filthy, Nasty Butts!

Filthy Nasty Butts

I think people’s butts are great.
I mean, at least for sitting down.

It’s just all those filthy, nasty butts I hate
That are littered all over the ground!


From Poem Man.

22 thoughts on “Filthy, Nasty Butts!

    1. Hmm…I wonder why, nonsmokingladybug. 🙂 Thanks for saying so.

      1. Well, I just quit smoking in February after 35 years of smoking and got rid of these filthy, nasty butts 🙂

        1. Hey! Awesome!

          Congratulations, nonsmokingladybug.

          As a former smoker I know…what an achievement it is.

  1. It amazes me the impunity that so many smokers have for littering. It’s like they have inviso-rays and armor plating on that prevents them from being ticketed with the large fines that one sees posted about littering.

    I’m not asking for smoking bans everywhere and anywhere, just repercussions for all the butt-flicking!

    1. I hear ya loud and clear, herdthinner…

  2. enjoyed ur cute poem and the image was cool

  3. couldn’t agree more!

  4. I agree. Never smoked (anything!). And I don’t understand why cigarette butts don’t “count” as littering. People throw them out of car windows or just toss them on the street. Anyone caught doing that with a coffee cup would be given at least a dirty look!

  5. 8 years smoke free! I am glad to get rid of those filthy nasty butts!

    1. Well done, restoredpeople! You are an inspiration. It’s a tough gig, kicking the filthy nasty habit. I know…

  6. Wow, granted this is all happening but so is homelessness, child abuse, poverty, cancer, wife and husband divorces, I mean hey really, there are some more serious issues we need to address other than cigarette butts. i think I after reading these complies, I will go have one cigarette but not the butt. Smile

    1. Yes, all those much worse things are happening, but that’s not what we are talking about here. Little things (like butts) also matter. Why don’t people have enough respect to not throw their trash out for other people to have to pick up?

  7. […] I’m pretty sure it’s the disgruntled smoker who unbelievably (and, I’ll be honest, a little bit awesomely) trolled my innocent little poem for children… […]

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