The Little Floating Clouds

The little floating clouds On the horizon, just above Bring not rainstorms, dark and loud Only whispered wisps of love    


An Ode to a First True Love… Selection

The books I loved best as a child I bet were loved also by many of you. They told of tales sweet, silly, and wild, As penned by the great Sendak, Suess, and Reys, two. But as the years passed and I grew a bit older I left such childish tales behind. As I grew … Continue reading An Ode to a First True Love… Selection

Rainy Day Recess

Factoring formulas And conjugating fables, Taking tests On Periodic Tables, Sure is tough And it ain't always fun, But it ain't so bad As long as there's sun. Cuz as long as there is sun At least we're sure We can go outside And let the sunshine cure Our mathematics blues And our scientific stress... … Continue reading Rainy Day Recess

My Friend, My Advisor

You're always giving me advice, You must think that I'm really dumb. Cuz you advise me on just about everything, From books to bubble gum. You know, I'm really not so clueless. My head is not filled with just air. Please stop telling me how to dress, And how I should wear my hair. To … Continue reading My Friend, My Advisor

Listen To The Colors

Listen to the colors For they have so much to say. You'll be surprised at what you hear If you don't let your fears get in the way. Listening to the colors Takes more than just your ears. You must listen with all your senses, For colors are hard to hear. Listen closely to all … Continue reading Listen To The Colors

My Town

All my life I've lived in a town Where stop means go And up means down, Where happy means sad And black means white, Where good means bad And wrong means right, Where night means day And yes means no, Where work means play And fast means slow, Where yesterday means tomorrow And midnight means … Continue reading My Town

The Tickle Café

There's a café on the corner, And it's a most unusual place. For the café's only business Is to put a smile upon your face. This café is the place to go If you're feeling rather sad. The waiters there don't wait at all... Their job is to make you glad. So when you're feeling … Continue reading The Tickle Café

Poem Man

Poem Man

Come hither all ye children And gather round, For the Poem Man cometh To your quaint town. He's bringing the most magical, beautiful, Spectacular sounds... Sounds that you may have never heard before. He has the sounds of pinks and yellows And midnight blues. You'll hear rainbows and gumdrops And morning dew. Come hither sweet … Continue reading Poem Man