Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – A Review by Fast Film Reviews

I was going to write my own review for the meandering mess of a movie called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but after yesterday’s disaster of a review I just didn’t have the heart… or pain tolerance… to write another one so soon. And let’s face it, you know and I know writing reviews isn’t exactly my forte, so…

Instead I decided to reblog for your entertainment and instruction this wonderfully written and compelling review of the flick written by popular film critic Mark Hobin of Fast Film Reviews. It’s a wonderfully written and compelling review that also happens to mirror my sentiments of the faulty flick near spot on.

Read, heed, and enjoy…

6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – A Review by Fast Film Reviews”

      • I had a lot of mixed feelings about this movie. Mostly I was just relieved there was an option at the theatre that wasn’t about superheros, racing, and/or intended for children under 12 :/

        Not a whole lot of movie options for grown-ups these days.

        • Tru that, rsrook. I used to go to the theater several times a month; but I’ve given up completely on anything marvel and there hardly is anything that compels me to go anymore, I was really looking forward to this one. Oh well…

    • Nope. And he already did the alternative history movie thing, and did it much better, with Inglorious Basterds. Why do another? Anyway… who knows anything when it comes to ol’ QT except that there will always be a lot of cussing and a lot of gratuitous violence.


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