Let’s Pretend

Let's Pretend

Let’s pretend
That the world is new
And all decisions to make
Are up to you.
You can make your world
How you want it to be.
Where will you begin?
I can’t wait to see.

The world is yours. What will you do?

Let’s pretend
That math is zoo.
And monkey = 1
And tiger = 2.
Giraffe = 3
And llama = 4.
Subtract lion from bear
And you’ll get zebras galore.

What’s your answer for leopard + π

Let’s pretend
That ground is sky,
And we no longer walk–
All we do is fly.
Better keep your head down–
Looking up might hurt.
Cuz when it rains
It’s raining dirt.

If ground is sky, then what is Neptune?

Let’s pretend
That the man on the moon,
Was not a guy named Neil
But a gal named Soon.
She went to the moon
To prove her brothers wrong:
They said the moon is just for men
And that women don’t belong!

If you were Soon, would you make a stand?

Let’s pretend for real
That peace is at hand,
And that the Golden Rule
Is the rule throughout the land.
If we all pretend
Then the angels might sing.
If the whole world pretends
Is it still pretending?
From Poem Man

0 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend”

  1. I love it! Great poem mate. I can’t believe I -still- only have one poem on my site – I write lyrics for my band for crying out loud!!! I must thank you, you have inspired me to get back into writing poetry, which I love doing so much.

    • Hey, that’s just great. It really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Geez, knowing that your children are going to hear the poem kinda makes me a little nervous…after all, it’s the children who are the truest poets…and it’s they who are the least afraid of expressing the truth. 🙂 Thank you, marilynrodriques.

    • I agree with you. It’s hard for me to pretend in that magical way I did as a child. Upon even just a little further consideration, I might be inclined to even say it’s impossible. And yes, as you suggest, I do give it a try every now and again, as pallid as it may be.

      Great observation, nero kein. Thank you for taking the time to offer it to us.

  2. That was a very fun poem to read. I might try to memorize it so I can keep a smile on my face. Oh and thanks for following me as well. 😀 I have always wondered how things would be and why they are. Who came up with all these names for things anyway? lol


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