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Finally saw Joker

I’ll keep this short:

  • It’s a masterpiece.
  • All the controversy surrounding its release – incel triggering and/or otherwise – is laughable.
  • My faith in Hollywood’s ability to create magic has been restored.
  • I wish I could have attended its Cannes premier so I could have participated in the 8-minute standing ovation it received at the conclusion of its showing.
  • If, at a minimum, it, Todd Phillips, and Joaquin Phoenix don’t win all major awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor respectively, then the awards are completely irrelevant.


6 thoughts on “Finally saw Joker

  1. This looks really good. It’s on my list.

    As for the “controversy,” stating it incites violence, ha. Anyone turned over to the dark side by a movie, can’t blame the movie. That has to do with nature, or nurture.

  2. Great image! I am not much of a movie watcher, in the theater or at home. I do love reading about movies…haha.

  3. Watch it and I totally agree! Love this film

  4. […] before I get into all that I just gotta say once again how great it is for there to finally be a movie out of Hollywood that has the stamina to stick with […]

  5. Great to hear this was such a masterpiece! It doesn’t surprise me at all that the controversy around it was a joke. I’m so glad this restored your faith in Hollywood as well!

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