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Get Mellow

If I had been given a 14% chance of living to five years after my Lung GVHD diagnosis instead of a 13% chance, I would have then had to call my little self-help book HOW NOT TO DIE: In 14 Easy Steps instead of 13.

And as the additional step to keep one alive, I would have added “Get Mellow,” because I have learned throughout my years that life is stressful — it is even more so when your health fails you. One has to take action to keep it cool or the stress just compounds the damage.

In addition to prayer and meditation, I listened to many different varieties of relaxing music to get and stay mellow. However, once I found this Tibetan Bells video it became The One and Only.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it.

But, seeing how the stress levels seem to be rising…

It’s time for me to once again… Get Mellow.



5 thoughts on “Get Mellow

  1. Roy Orbison, Merle Haggard, Sinatra (the 50’s big band voice before cigarettes and Jack Daniels did their work), Emmylou Harris, and, of course, Rita Coolidge. Baybeeeeee.

    1. Oh yeah… whatever it takes to get to wherever you’re going.

  2. Sound advice. 60% of the battle is finding what works; 40% is remembering to actually DO it.

  3. Yes, getting mellow is essential to good health, especially when it is time to forget time, forget Trump, and get some sleep. The Tibetan bells music U found is by far the best I have heard (in my admittedly slight exposure).

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