The Poem of Me

The poem of me from yesterday
Is not that which I am today

In many ways they may resemble
But don't be fooled by what I say

Look closely at what you hear
Listen with more than just an ear

The poem of me from yesterday
Is not that which I am today

You think that you may know me
By the words I rhyme and sing

You think that you may know me
But of me you know not a thing

The poem of me I once sang for you
Then may have had lyrics true

But with each new day the words decay
And of that me from then -- I bade adieu

❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

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35 thoughts on “The Poem of Me

  1. How simply and beautifully your words speak of the permanence of impermanence dear Kurt. Thanks for a moment of reflection. Nice to meet ‘you’ but ‘not you’ again :)

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  2. True! I have only just figured this out in the last 24 hours or so, that when I write it is true in that moment and then I move on. Somehow it transforms me. Beautifully expressed and perfectly timed [for this grasshopper].

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  3. Very melodic cadence in this poem. We do indeed change from day to day and we have only the very moment that is where we are present. I like your reminder very much. Reading this out loud was most enjoyable.

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