“Post-apocalyptic fiction has been moved to our current affairs section”


I wish I were smart enough to be able to claim this post’s eye/brain-catching headline as my own. But, alas, I cannot because I got it from this read-worthy #longread of an article written by John Feffer, a journalist and author who, with his read-worthy article, attempts to (in subtle sublimity) — and in my view does — make the case of why we should purchase his new near-future dystopian novel which spookily mirrors the current dystopic, Trumpian events of today, and who, Feffer, got it, the headline, from a friend on facebook in the form of a viral photo of a sign in front of bookstore in Boston.

A whole lotta fortuitous and fast-moving mechanics behind that headline up there, wouldn’t you agree?

To paraphrase/abuse a popular insurance company commercial from several years past that was trying to get us to fork over the beans for their coverage so we would be covered/prepared for any disastrous potentiality…

Life/Apocalyptic Reality comes at you fast…

So yeah, take heed and prepare yourself for our futuristic present post-trumpocalyptic reality and check out Feffer’s read-worthy article, then go check out his compelling excerpt, and then, if you’re so inclined, check out the mostly stellar reviews of his new book.


Because, as Grunge Rock Prophets forewarned us so long ago in song…

Once the sirens {that we hear blaring so loudly now} are heard…

It’s already too late.



Say it like you mean it

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