‘Tis When

'tis when winds refrain when clouds dark advance beyond when skies blue reveal   KURT'S LITERARY CONSULTING SERVICE: PROSOCHĒ KURT'S NEW APP: ANDROID | APPLE    

Hot Dog no.2

or Zeno Has a Bone to Pick with the Pool or Backyard Bliss Comes in Many Forms     You can watch the longer, unedited version here.    

Backyard Bliss no.2

  You can view the unedited version here. (And while there, you might as well check out my few other vids, "Like" them, perhaps, and if you feel slightly daring, go ahead and subscribe to my channel.)   #iamthatiam #abundance    

‘Tis The Season

  #backyardbliss #clocksnowsettoeasternpooltime #gonnabemightyquietaroundhereforthenextsixmonthsorso #amwriting...not    

Hope Debuted

  are you who you were are you your bruises and scars is that who you are or are you each day renewed your past relieved, hope debuted    

Fenc’d no.6

tho' life has limits tho' bound we are to its end still my spirit soars Inspired by Nature? Join our Newsletter Love Emerson, First Commitment Submissions close Sunday, March 15, 2015 Must be a subscriber to participate Edition 003-15 is germane    

Even when in the midst of a meltdown…

  Show me one who is sick and yet happy, in peril and yet happy, dying and yet happy, in exile and happy, in disgrace and happy. Show him me. By the gods I would fain see a Stoic. ~ from The Discourses of Epictetus #notetoself #iamthatiam #prosochē #takenothingseriouslyseriously #snowpersonsarepeopletoo    

I Am Resolved

I am not one who dwells on the past, or, at least I try not to; for, unless one is fondly recalling, perhaps in a prayerful moment of divine gratitude, all the wonders and blessings the Begetter On High has begotten one, it is mostly a futile and potentially harmful self-flagellating exercise of ego worship …