A Turkey Tale by Mark Twain

#happythanksgivingmyfriends   HUNTING THE DECEITFUL TURKEY Mark Twain When I was a boy my uncle and his big boys hunted with the rifle, the youngest boy Fred and I with a shotgun–a small single-barrelled shotgun which was properly suited to our size and strength; it was not much heavier than a broom. We carried it … Read more

I Am Resolved

I am not one who dwells on the past, or, at least I try not to; for, unless one is fondly recalling, perhaps in a prayerful moment of divine gratitude, all the wonders and blessings the Begetter On High has begotten one, it is mostly a futile and potentially harmful self-flagellating exercise of ego worship … Read more

I’d like to introduce you to my little friends…

Friends and new family members, that is… While we have quite the cat already – Jack Kerouac – whom I introduced some time ago and can be found as part of Photography page’s gallery collection, I am and always have been a dog man…besides, Kero-chan will have nothing to do with me as he is … Read more

George Winston: a genius who excels not only in musical talent, but also, especially, in kindness and compassion

An in-depth article will follow but I just wanted to say real quick what a magical evening we had with George Winston last night. I knew he was a musical genius because we’ve listened to his music for thirty years and have seen him perform before, but I had no idea he is as kind … Read more

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend That the world is new And all decisions to make Are up to you. You can make your world How you want it to be. Where will you begin? I can’t wait to see. The world is yours. What will you do? Let’s pretend That math is zoo. And monkey = 1 And … Read more

Holdin’ Toes

Holdin’ hands is supposed to be special, But really, anyone can do it. Just grab a hand and don’t let go, That’s all there really is to it. But my way of holdin’ is a little bit different. In fact, I’m sure no one else even knows… Just take off your shoes, and then your … Read more