There’s so much to gripe about I can’t decide which gripe to blog about so instead I’ll just share this…

According to this article, which is a derivative of this article, which leans heavily on this study, creative people literally see the world differently than us lesser than creative types, as is illustrated by the following video…

Some of you may remember this similar titillating* exercise in awareness I shared in days past.


*The word “titillating” was added for clickbait purposes only; although, some may in fact be titillated by brain teasers. Who knows…


6 thoughts on “There’s so much to gripe about I can’t decide which gripe to blog about so instead I’ll just share this…”

  1. Chabris and Simons wrote a very readable book (titled *The Invisible Gorilla*) about this classic experiment and some of the work it inspired.  Those who missed the gorilla are also likely to be aggressively skeptical when shown the film again and told to look for a gorilla.  The gorilla missers often insist that it cannot the same film they saw before. The illusion that one WOULD HAVE seen the gorilla is powerful.  C and S see similarities between this illusion and some others, such as the illusion that one can multitask effectively.  Some of those illusions have nasty consequences like criminal convictions of innocent people.

    Thanks for a fun way of making the point that creative people are more likely to see the gorilla.  That particular point is not in the book, unless I just missed it while counting passes and gorillas and things to gripe about.

    • Intriguing observation, as always, MC. That creative people see things differently than others is a conclusion of a recent study that used the selective attention test shown in the video to support their conclusions so it probably wasn’t discussed in the book you read.


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