Hey all you Free-Thinking Poets and Artists who moderate your comments because you’re scared of a little spam…

Yeah, you know who you are…


And yeah, I know we already discussed this topic in my “PRO” TIP: DO NOT MODERATE ME!

Still pisses me off though every time I post a comment on your site and get the ol’ “Comment waiting to be moderated/approved” announcement of fear.

Deep breath…

But, I’m learning to cope with it…

My Personal Pope, the Greatest of Gurus, Dr. Wayne “The Wonderful” Dyer tells me that when having to choose between being right or being kind, I should always choose to be kind.

It’s a beautiful piece of wisdom.


I love Dr. Dyer.

He has changed my life dramatically in the most positive ways. You should check him out if you haven’t already.

And that’s why it hurts me so much to sin against this most poetic of his precepts…

But it’s so hard not get mad at you moderating sissies because so many, practically all of you, are doing it!

Deep breath…


Deep breath…


I’m not going to revisit all that…well, maybe I am but it’s only because I just read a very interesting WIRED article about REAL Moderators.

According to the article, our major social media tech companies outsource hordes of moderating work – estimated over 100,000 laborers; mostly in the Philippines – to scan the internet and scrub it of all the darkest and most disgusting images that the those with the most darkest and disgusting minds out there like to post just for the shock factor of grossing us out and/or to satisfy their sick perversions — of the porn, the beheadings, the most gruesome of the auto and other kinds of deaths…

Yeah…now that is some Serious Moderating.

Some mind-twisting, psychologically-impairing Moderating.

I cannot imagine having a job where I would have to look at that kind of stuff all day.

Look, I’m no angel, but I can’t even watch an instant replay of a pro athlete twisting his ankle. Seriously. I have to avert my eyes or click off to another channel. Because if I don’t click away, I’m sure to catch a glimpse of it sooner or later because they show the ankle twisting, or knee hyperextending, in super-slow mo, over and over and over…


But those REAL Moderators…

Pour souls. A tough gig to earn only around $500 bucks a month.

Hopefully in their noble endeavors they run across some of Dr Dyer’s videos and receive some of his wise guidance and counseling to help them cope.

But, come to think of it, that might just get them in trouble.

Strange to consider, isn’t it?

A job where you could get busted for not watching porn.

Strange, indeed…but I’m glad they’re out there protecting us from all that vileness.

And it should show all you Sissy Moderators moderating your nervous world against the Evil Legions of Spam Armies that are out there just waiting to attack you at the first sign of the slightest weakness in your moderation defenses just what REAL Moderating entails.

Yes, I know, some of you who moderate your comments have valid concerns of serious and potentially dangerous troll threats.

And I completely understand and moderating your comments is exactly the action you should take…at a minimum.

It’s not you to whom I speak against, though.

It’s to all the sissy spam moderators who would rather throttle the flow of freedom and liberty just so they don’t have to delete a spam comment that just so happens to slip through their defenses…L.O.L.

They must sure be getting a lot of comments to be getting so much spam.

Yeah right…

Besides…have you all checked out the spam lately?

Some are actually quite awesome, at least the ones sneaky enough to get through that Akismet spam catcher thingy.

Just the other day one of my evil spambot comments was so awesome, I left it on the post…

In fact, is was so awesome, I replied to it.



So to all the heroes out there, the REAL Moderators, mostly in Manila, doing God’s work by keeping the internet safe for all the innocent like yours truly, I tip my hat to you.

Thank you.

But to all you sissies out there moderating your spam out of fear…

Yeah, that’s right, you.

You’re a sissy.

A big one…


Deep breath…


Moderated Kurt
Moderated Me





And by me I mean us.

At least those of us who learned as children that Sticks and Stones Can Break Our Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Us…

Okay, maybe sometimes words can hurt but that is not the point.

Okay, maybe that is the point but so what?

We’re Writers, right?

And if you’re not a Writer (which has to be just about impossible if you are posting stuff online) then you’re a Poet or an Artist or some kind of Creator who turns dreams into magical data streams for the world to observe and appreciate.

And as Creators, aren’t we the ones who are supposed to be leading the way to the Ideal?

Aren’t we supposed to be the voice of those who have no voice, or who have no means, or freedom, to express that voice?

If so, then what are most of you out there afraid of?

Okay, based upon my exceedingly-less-than-scientific observations, this post should either offend or illuminate just about every WordPress Content Creator, i.e., blogger, out there.

And my gut (where my science is explored and calculated) is telling me that most of you will mostly be in the “offend” camp.

I would say easily ninety-percent of the comments I leave in response to a thought provoking post have to first be approved or moderated by the site’s Creator before they are published.

Why would you, you the Writer and/or Poet and/or Artist, you the Creator, why would you do that?

What are you afraid of?


Are you getting so many responses to your posts that the evil hoards of Trolls have taken up arms (Words) against you in an evil effort to suppress your magic and genius?

Probably not.

But if you are, congratulations are in order.

To me, the evil Trolls are just a sign that you made it. You are a success.

Your voice is being heard.

And that is a good thing.

And we all know, because Ms Yin and Mr Yang tell us so, that with the good comes the bad.

In all honestly, I can’t wait until the Trolls come after me.

Bring it.


You know what I see whenever, which is almost always, I get that little message that says my comment has to first be approved/moderated?

I see fear.

I see you hiding in the shadows cast by the glow of the light of your computer screen.

I see you shaking in your pajamas, afraid of what someone might say in response to your artistic genius.



Yeah, maybe.

But while you are busy screening and redacting all the comments you are receiving, there are people all around the world fighting, and dying, to be heard.

To have a voice.

To not be moderated.

What, you think I’m being a little melodramatic?

You think it doesn’t matter whether or not you screen your comments.

If so, then I think you are being very, very (adverbs…yeah, I know) naive.

Law of Attraction, my little insecure genius…


At a minimum, first impressions matter.

What is one to think of you when their first interaction with you involves you first having to do a security check on them?

Trust issues, is what I think.

But then again, some of you may not even know that you are the Putin of your very own Police State.

You may be suppressing freedom and free speech literally (yes I said literally…because I mean it!) around the globe and not even know it.

So, for all the Freedom and Free Speech Lovers around the world (of WordPress), here is all you have to do to fight back against the evil forces of oppression:

Go to your Dashboard, click on Settings, click on Discussion, and then please, please, please, if checked, uncheck the Comment must be manually approved and Comment author must have a previously approved comment boxes.

Do it and I guarantee you will feel empowered knowing that you are not afraid of all the evil forces that are out there just waiting for the right time to attack.

And if you are afraid, it’s okay.

We all are to some degree.

Because, let’s face it, Words really can hurt.

And that’s a little scary.

But when the attack comes, and it will, be ready for it by building up your arsenal of creativity now.

Rise Up! to the challenge.

Work like a possessed ninja on your Writing and/or your Poeting and/or Arting skills.

Use The Force.

Be the Creation.

And when the attack comes, destroy it with Creativity and Expression!

And if that doesn’t work, you ask.

Fuck it…just delete it.

Like the Boss Moderator that you are.

Power To The Putin

The Proxy Wars

SOPA Soap Opera
jurvetson / Foter / CC BY

Oppressive governments like China, Iran, and Syria, among many others, are spending billions to censor the internet from their populations; and other governments like Pakistan, that one might not consider to be in the same oppressive category as China and the others mentioned, are also focused on internet censorship as well, mostly for religious purposes.

But as these governments find new ways to oppress, internet freedom advocates, find new ways to circumvent the oppression. Unfortunately, those seeking access to the internet usually are not as well funded as those seeking to oppress.

Just as it funded free speech initiatives like the Voice of America during its Cold War with the Soviet Union, the United States spends large sums of money each year to fund internet freedom advocacy groups who provide the proxy tools and other technology to help those in need circumvent the government firewalls.

However, like just about every other important issue the United States is facing, its massive debt is putting the internet freedom initiative in peril. At a time when the demand for the initiative is at its greatest — the demand is so huge for the proxy tools that, without additional funding to increase speed and access, its current capability is overwhelmed — cuts to the program are inevitable.

In the coming months and years, how will these cuts affect the censored and oppressed, and especially those fighting for their lives in places like Syria where their information campaign, a campaign that relies primarily on twitter and youtube postings, is crucial to making and keeping the world aware of their very real struggle for freedom?