Fake News is so Poe-thetic

I read an Edgar Allan Poe story today entitled The Angel of the Odd.

It’s a fun, fast, Kafka-meets-Twain, easy to forget kind of read.

But what is most memorable to me about the story is that it is entirely set up around the protagonists drunken dismay over what we would call the “fake news” of the day…

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Punching the Clown [and it feels so good]

PUNCHING THE CLOWN FILM | MOVIE | INDEPENDENT | COMEDY RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ “Punching the Clown” is sharp cut on life that’s both poignant and funny in a if Weird Al Yankovic were a struggling folk singer kind of way. Because I dislike searching endlessly for something to watch, I’ll often choose a … Read more